Top 10 Best Anvils for Blacksmithing

An anvil is a tool that has a large block of metal, with a flattened top surface on which another object is struck. It is the essential equipment that a blacksmith uses to do their work efficiently. You can never fail to find this tool at a blacksmith’s workshop.

The best anvils for blacksmithing are suitable and mostly used as a working surface for smelting things like knives, swords, and different tools into the design you prefer. Without an anvil, this cannot be possible.

Anvils have been present since the beginning of time, and their designs keep changing as time goes by to meet the needs of a particular smith. Most modern anvils are made of cast still, which ensures durability, whereas the less expensive ones consist of cast iron or low-quality steel.

Being a first-time user, it becomes a hard task to decide which anvil is the best fit for you. There are different sizes and shapes available in the market, so this gives you a wide variety to choose from. This article reviews 10 of the best anvils in the market that we find necessary for your blacksmithing needs.

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Here is the Best Anvils for BlacksmithingReviews & Comparison table

ImageProduct TitleOur RatingsPrice
Premium Pick
Ridgid 69632 Forged Anvil
Ridgid 69632 Forged Anvil
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Best Value For Money
RIDGID 69622 Peddinghaus Anvil
RIDGID 69622 Peddinghaus Anvil
Check Latest Price
Budget Pick
Happybuy Single Horn Anvil
Happybuy Single Horn Anvil
Check Latest Price
Also Great
Olympia Tools Cast Iron Anvil
Olympia Tools Cast Iron Anvil
Check Latest Price
CO-Z 66lbs Single Round Horn Blacksmith Tool CO-Z 66lbs Single Round Horn Blacksmith Tool
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1. Ridgid 69632 Model 9 Forged Anvil – Black

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Have a look at this buddy from Germany; it boasts everything you might need for your blacksmithing. It is enriched with robust features to withstand heavy hits. Some of its features include;

Features and benefits:

Robust construction: The Ridgid 69632 9 is full of steel, making it ideal for demanding blacksmithing jobs. You don’t therefore have to worry about it breaking.

Heavy: To withstand heavy hits, the manufacturer made this anvil to be heavier. It comes with an exciting wait of about 65 kilos which is equivalent to 143.3 lbs.

Factory finished edges: More so, you will find the edges of the anvil exciting as it boasts an angle of 45 degrees. This mechanism don’t make it sharp.

Pritchel hole: Another impressive feature that you expect from this anvil is the hardy and reliable hole plus the well-curved horn. These pars are wear-resistant, enhancing the lifespan of the item.

2. RIDGID 69622 Model 5 Peddinghaus Anvil – best blacksmith anvil

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Here is another best blacksmith anvil from RIDGID manufacturer with enough working space and sturdiness. Use this anvil for reputable craftsmanship and quality metal-shaping artworks. You will enjoy exciting features in this model like;

Features and benefits:

Robust construction: For the product’s longevity, the manufacturer decided to use high-grade, drop forged steel. This material is not only suitable for durability but also sturdiness while handling demanding jobs.

Convenient: Working with this anvil is enjoyable due to the ground and induced tough top face that enhances lively working surface. Such a surface can survive heavy blows.

Heavyweight: The tools weigh about 77lbs, making them suitable to withstand demanding metal jobs. However, transporting the anvil can be problematic and might require two people to change its location.

3. Happybuy Single Horn Anvil Blacksmith Tool- Cheap Forging Anvil

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This anvil works best for riveting, flattening, forging, and forming metal. It is appropriate for small to medium-sized jobs. It has a total weight of 110lbs; hence it becomes simple to move it from one point to another.

Additionally, it features two horns, which are 6” long. One of the horns has hard edges and has a square shape while the other has round corners and is cone-like. The rounded edges allow for smooth blending and shaping. Its square-shaped hardy hole is for accessories, bending and punching.

Moreover, it boasts of forged steel construction that ensures optimum strength and durability. This helps it to withstand heavy blows during use. Also, it has a fully polished flat surface having an excellent finish, thus allowing the user a large working area.

Further, the surface has protective paint that is rust-resistant and is rarely corrosive. It has a robust design strong base that ensures it is in balance and by that keeps it sturdy and immobile. Besides, it comes with a durable hammer weighing 500g.

4. Olympia Tools Cast Iron Anvil – best anvil for beginners

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If you have question in mind that what is a good beginner anvil, then This is an iron cast anvil for blacksmithing weighing about 25 pounds for beginners. It is useful in making a variety of tools, including saws, pliers, bolt cutters, clamps, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. Also, it is a perfect fit for jewelry makers and entry-level blacksmiths.

Furthermore, it has a well-polished surface that allows the smith to have an easy time while working. Its ergonomic design is unique in that the four holes on the sides of its base ensure that you mount it firmly to your workspace hence improving safety during use.

Additionally, its base is strong enough to support repeated hammer blows. However, the iron cast material is not as strong as steel; thus, there is a likelihood that it may deform when struck. Therefore, it is appropriate to use it with softer metals such as tin, copper, and brass.

5. CO-Z 66lbs Single Round Horn Blacksmith Tool-Best Polished Surface

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This is an all-purpose anvil suitable for making knives, blades, screwdrivers, etc. It can further be able to flatten, rivet, forge, and form different types of metals efficiently. It weighs about 66 pounds, thus easy to move from one point to another. It is the best fit for metal workers and smiths in a metal shop.

Furthermore, it features durable solid steel smelted in high temperatures; hence it can withstand heavy hammering while in use. Its high-quality material has a hardness of more than 40, which makes it durable and sturdy. The protective painting on its surface helps to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Moreover, it can resist dents and bending that come with the welding process making it suitable for forging hard metal. In addition to this, its round horn ensures your metal piece is hammered in curves. Also, it allows for drawing out of the metal during forging.

Similarly, the sharp edges are for making clean breaks in your metal. The hardy hole on its surface enables you to punch through your metal and also holds other forging tools like a chisel. Whereas, the round pritchel hole on the horn is for punching metals. Finally, its sturdy base increases stability during use, thus ensuring safety.

6. NC Tool 70lb Anvil with Turning Cams – Versatile In Performance

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The NC tool is an all-purpose kind of anvil. It can either be useful for smelting small metals or medium-sized ones conveniently. Therefore, by using this tool, you can smelt different sizes of metals depending entirely on your preference. It weighs about 70 pounds, and it consists of furriers.

Furthermore, its horn is of a flatter top style, having cams on the back that turn heels on horseshoes and also help to bend metal bars. Besides, it features one hardy hole in the horn and me pritchel hole nearer the heel that allows in punching and cutting of metals.

Additionally, its solid malleable steel construction with hardness of 48 makes it sturdy and durable. It can withstand hard hammer blows. However, if you are planning to forge heavy metal, then this is not the ideal anvil to use as it fits only smaller and softer metals.

Usually, it has a polished surface that gives the user an easy time during forging. Its lightweight design enables the user to shift it from one spot to another.

7. JHM Certifier 100lb Anvil – Best anvil for punching

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It is a type of furrier anvil weighing about 100lbs. It is suitable for beginners. It features ductile iron that is heat-treated in the USA to give your product a quality finish and to make it strong and durable. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.

Additionally, it has a smooth polished surface that gives an excellent user experience during welding. Its squared-hardy hole measures 1.0 inches and helps to keep tools, punching, cutting, and bending metals. The 0.5 inches pritchel hole at the heel also assists in punching metal.

Moreover, it has a three-inch tapered heel containing turning cams that bend and turn metal for convenient smelting. Similarly, its single horn is 10.25 inches long to enhance metal turnings and bending. Its base is sturdy enough to ensure stability as welding goes on. It can handle small to medium hammering blows.

8. True Power Anvil 22-pounds – Best beginner anvil

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For a beginner blacksmith or a teen whose hobby is blacksmithing, this is the appropriate anvil for them. Its weight of 22 pounds makes it lightweight, and hence it forges and repairs tiny metals like jewelry. It is easily portable.

Additionally, it consists of cast iron material. However, the iron is not as durable because it is not heated thus cannot withstand heavy hammer blows. Its polished surface is small and can only fit small metal stocks. It has a protective painting that is rust-resistant.

However, it lacks both the hardy and the pritchel hole and is not preferred for use in other operations. Besides, it features a single rounded horn that helps to curve metal stock during forging.

9. PMC Supplies LLC Chrome Jewelers bench Anvil – Budget Friendly

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This is an anvil from PMC Supplies LLC. It is majorly a tool for making jewelry and small metals and an essential tool for entry-level blacksmiths. It features a single horn that comes in half size, unlike the other models. The 9/16” hardy hole holds various metals for cutting and bending. 

Additionally, its construction has solid cast steel materials having an excellent chrome finish, thus making it durable. Moreover, its flat surface is smaller in size, therefore a vital tool for flattening and repairing jewelry and other small metals. It can easily withstand medium impact hammer blows.

Furthermore, its weight of 3 pounds makes it easily portable from one spot to another. It is a perfect fit for mobile blacksmiths or owners of small blacksmith workshops. Besides, its base is merely adjustable on different surfaces and is quite wide to prevent toppling over during use.

10. Grizzly Industrial G8147-55lb Anvil – Best anvil for knife making

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If you are planning to start a career in blacksmithing, this anvil works well for you. This iron cast-made anvil weighs about 55lbs and is appropriate for forging small-medium-sized metals. It is best suitable for making knives

Besides, it is lightweight and hence can be moved from one point to another easily.

Additionally, the cast iron material enables it to withstand small-medium hammering blows. Its flat-shaped polished surface ensures that the user smelts metals efficiently without a struggle. The 1-inch full square hardy hole on the cover helps to keep accessories, punching, and bending metals.

Moreover, its surface has paint that protects it against rust and corrosion. Its base is keen to enhance its stability during welding and ensure safety too. It comes with mounts put on a sturdy surface or a table stand. 

However, its iron cast surface does not support steel metals, but there is a solution to this if you need to use steel. You can place a durable steel plate on the polished surface and weld it in place.

11. Tools n More 55lb Rugged Cast Iron Anvil – Best For Lightweight

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Looking to venture into knife making with the use of an iron cast anvil that is less expensive? The tools n more anvil is the most appropriate choice for you. Not only is it perfect for knife making but also the best choice for shaping light metals.

Its working surface measures 8.5 by 4 inches while its length is 15 inches long. It has a height of 6-5/8 inches high. Additionally, its 1-inch square hardy hole helps to cut and bend metals during forging. The rugged iron design can withstand regular hammer blows despite it being lightweight.

Moreover, it has a flat and smooth surface to enable users to have an easy time during forging. Also, the surface is large enough, thus giving you enough working space. It is compact to fit in a small shop and can also be moved easily from one point to the other, thereby being portable.

12. TFCTL Anvil Rugged Cast Iron Horn Anvil- Allrounder

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The TFCTL anvil is a perfect fit for metalsmiths in a metal shop as it is used for flattening, forging, riveting and forming metal. It weighs about 11kgs hence a good option for forging small and lighter metals. It is easy to move from one spot to another.

It features a single rounded horn that is extra-long to enhance the smooth shaping and bending of metals. The hardy round hole helps to keep tools such as chisels and is also for bending and punching metals.

Similarly, its smooth polished surface allows the smith an easy time during welding. The cover is large enough, having a dimension of 11*3.34 to ensure a big working area. Moreover, its arched base is sturdy to allow for stability and lack of mobility during use, thereby making sure the user is safe during use.

Additionally, it is easy to operate as it only needs the user to clamp and bolt it to the workbench to hold it still. Its cast-iron material makes it durable and able to withstand medium hammer blows.

Buyers Guide for Best Anvils for Blacksmithing

Anvils for Blacksmithing

There are certain factors to consider before buying the best anvil for blacksmithing.

Size and Weight of Anvil

It is essential to check the size or weight of an anvil before purchase. Do you want a small portable anvil that you can carry around your workshop? Are you into light or heavy forging or metal stock? Anvils weighing between 75 and 125 pounds anvil are convenient for forging light metals, whereas those weighing over 200 pounds are the best fit for heavy forging.

Additionally, small and lightweight anvils are easily portable and do not limit you to one working spot. You can shift them as much as you want. 

Generally, there are anvils large enough for heavy forging, medium-sized for medium forging, and small anvils for repairing and forging tiny metals.

However, bigger anvils are the best choice for professionals. If you are a beginner, then small to medium-sized anvils are suitable for you.

Material of Anvil

Different materials define an anvil depending on its use. Cast iron anvils tend to be very weak, and their surface damage quickly after use ends up with hammer marks. They have a lesser face rebound.

Wrought iron anvils are much better than cast iron. They are suitable for beginner blacksmiths as their material is softer than steel. Nevertheless, they usually have a steel plate mounted on top to increase their durability.

Ductile iron and cast steel anvils are of the best quality. Furrier anvils constitute this material. They are sturdy and durable and can withstand heavy hammering blows. Moreover, they have a higher face rebound.

If you are an entry-level blacksmith, we recommend a cast iron anvil as it is less expensive. For a professional, cast steel anvils are the most appropriate. Besides, steel cast anvils are the most common nowadays.


Deciding how much you need to spend on the anvil is a personal choice. However, the more you spend, the higher the quality of anvil you get. But you can still get a good quality anvil at a lower price.

Most steel cast anvils are expensive because of the great qualities they possess. Iron cast anvils are usually cheaper because they are less durable. Also, the size of the anvil affects its cost. The bigger the anvil, the more expensive it will cost and vice versa.

Reason for Forging

Are you a newbie in the blacksmithing industry? Do you do it as a profession? It is vital to note that your intention for forging affects your decision to purchase an anvil. If you are an entry-level blacksmith, then you are likely to purchase a smaller and less expensive cast iron anvil that forges more minor metals.

If you are a professional, a bigger sized steel cast anvil is essential for you. Usually, some anvils serve a general purpose while others are customized according to the user’s needs.

Features of an Anvil
  1. Face

This is the upward-facing flat surface where most of the general work occurs. It may have sharp edges for creating tight corners or rounded edges for creating curved shapes.

  1. Horn

It is the rounded piece at the end that attaches to the face of the anvil. It allows for the forging of ring shapes. Some anvils have a single horn, while others have two depending on the brand and intended use.

  1. Heel

It is the back part of an anvil. It may be tapered, rounded, or squared.

  1. Hardy Hole

It is a 1.0-inch square hole mostly found on the face of the anvil that helps to hold tools such as chisels and for bending metals.

  1. Pritchel Hole

It is a rounded hole at the heel that makes nail holes in horseshoes of furrier anvils. Moreover, it also bends and cuts metal stock during forging.

  1. Turning Cams

These are small protrusions on the surface of the anvil for shaping horseshoes in furrier anvils and for bending metal.

FAQs on the Best Anvils for Blacksmithing

Where can I find an anvil?

A blacksmith supply company sorts you out with a good quality anvil for a reasonable price. However, you may also find second-hand anvils in the market, which are rarely of good quality. The decision is entirely yours.

Ques: Is a used anvil any good?

I would not recommend you to get a used anvil for obvious reasons such as uneven top surfaces and internal cracks because of heavy hammering blows. It may also cost you much more trying to make the surface smooth again.


Having the best anvils for blacksmithing gives your work correctly. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, this tool is ideal for your blacksmithing. 

The information above allows you to narrow down your specifications, thereby prioritizing the most important ones that satisfy both your specifications and your budget. We hope that you find this article helpful for you to be able to make the best purchase decision. 

For more information regarding blacksmithing, you can visit our website so that you can get more details and other related services.

best Anvils for Blacksmithing