Car Wash Types- 7 types of Car Wash Explained

Is it only me, or are you also attached emotionally to your car? Cars are not just a combination of different metals, but it is something to be loved. Isn’t it your responsibility to take care of your car 24/7 just like you do with your girlfriend? Lol. But owning a car means you must ensure its cleaning not only outside but also from inside.

 You should take your car for service whenever it feels like to maintain it to stay with you for an extended period. Have you ever heard the quote that ‘car acts like a mirror of your personality? Yes, that’s true, the way you maintain your car, the way it looks like, somehow reflects the person you are. Once Alexander Paul said, ‘The cars we drive say a lot about us.

So, let’s figure out the best possible way to maintain your car from outside. Yes, we are talking about the car wash types; you have to select several car wash types accordingly. Below mentioned are some of the car wash types alongside their pros and cons so that you don’t have difficulty choosing one. Keep reading the article if you love your car and want to give her a spa treatment.

Car Wash Types Alongside their Pros and Cons.

Well, after every month or two, there is a time when you can’t clean your girlfriend, oh yeah, your car, lol! by yourself. There is a must need to send it to a spa treatment; you have to ensure which car wash method would be ideal for your car. Read a few of the car wash types below.

1. Automated Car Wash

Automation makes work always easier. Automatic cleaning pulls your car down through a conveyor belt while soap and water are released. Automatic car washing can be a fast, cost-effective option for between five and ten dollars. Chassis, wheels, and tires are cleaning or using different soap and extra wax costs usually 1 to 2$ per additional service. Nice, because of the extra payment, this type of car wash is considered a disadvantage.

2. Touchless Car Wash

Touchless Automatic Car wash
Touchless Automatic Car wash

The easy-to-use non-contact car wash reduces the risk of vehicle damage. Usually, this system contains an automated cargo system, where the driver is washing his car, and the system is rolling over his stationary car for washing. Some contactless car washes link the wheels to a series of gears and a transport system that moves the vehicle contactless.

These car washers use an alkaline degreasing industrial strength shampoo which lies among their disadvantages. This aggressive soap is characterized by unprotected varnish. It can actually begin to eat on the clear cover with overtime.

3. Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash
Hand Car Wash

Hand washing staff use high-quality accessories and look at every inch to remove dirt or watermarks in automatic car washing that can overlook. But it is also risky to wash your hands. A common mistake in the cleaning method involves using the same sponge to clean the painted surfaces, tires, and vehicle wheel arches.

Make sure your professionals use the best practices, such as microfiber sponges and towel washing and cleaning. Waxing, detailing and interior cleaning can continue, and it can also perform your annual state inspection in some cases. Extra time and money are the only downsides. Hand washing of cars can cost $15 to $35 anywhere.

4. Soft-touch Car Wash

Soft-touch Car Wash
Soft-touch Car Wash

Soft washing machines use a cloth to wipe cars and non-contact automatic washing machines that use water and soap only at high pressure. A more thorough cleaning ensures soft washing. Using brushes, the car wash usually reaches the whole car and is good at removing pollen and dust.

The power of the brushes may, however, damage the antennas and side mirrors. If you use thick rags for washing your car, you must also thoroughly rinse the car before the cloth touches it, or the cloth can scrape.

5. Waterless Car Wash

Waterless Car Wash
Waterless Car Wash

A wash-up is generally not waterproof for cleaning litres of water. In some cases, instead, you do not need a water bucket to rub waterless spraying or other items used in painting the car. Using a spray or solution instead of water to clean the car surface if you decide to wash the car without water.

This type of car wash contains certain chemicals which guarantee the process of cleaning with no water. However, it would not be entirely safe since the paint on your car can in any way be damaged.

6. Friction-Based Car Wash

Several industrial spinning machines are used for washing the surface with fabric-like material. These materials are designed to last – not to use light power. The risk is thus greater than with the contactless or hand wash system for turbulence, coating, and other paint damage.

The shampoo needs to be more alkaline to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from surfaces because non-contact machines rely on high-pressure water. With less hard soap, hybrids using the washer or strip can “slob” the car.

7. Rinse less Car Wash

Rinse less Car Wash
Rinse less Car Wash

Another screening method that eliminates the need for one last spray and saves time, water and chemicals is a rinsing-free car wash. The rinses and shines of Optimum no-rinse are very well rated. Add an ounce in a bucket to use in two gallons. Then plunge a soft microfiber into the solution and wash one part at a time until clean. Rinse the microfiber cloth clean and fluffy.

Is it better to Hand Wash Your Car?

If you are running out of budget and want to wash your car with minimum investment, you must roll your sleeves. If you know what you’re doing, washing your hands is usually a far better way to clean the car. Waxing and polishing your vehicle may also be necessary to clear additional dust and give your vehicle a completely new appearance.

How often should cars be washed?

Although it is based on the usage of the car and the area you live in. Experts say that every three weeks you should wash your car. If you are not going for a car wash, then take a sponge and clean it yourself doesn’t matter. You should wash every two weeks if you live on the sea or in areas with a lot of snow like Green Bay.

If you maintain your car in good condition by often taking it to the car washer, it will help you protect its value and appearance. Also, choosing the right method for the model of the car you have is important than even choosing a car.


After knowing car wash types, you might have decided where you have to go. Right? If we ignore the cons of some automatic car washes, they are the ideal methods to clean your car. You can go for the automated car wash processes if you are running out of time and if you are not budget-conscious. You just have to make sure the chemicals in the car wash method is resistant to the type of car you own.

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