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Hi, Welcome to Machinery Chief.

Here, We are helping people with reviews and buying guides to choose the best tool for their projects, If you are searching for the best suggestions for your next tool then we are here to help. Our aim is to help you to choose the appropriate tool that is worth your very important and valuable time, money.

Our best-experienced experts and writers are doing regular experiments, research with different types of tools such as for Hobbyists, DIYers, and Automotive – which includes Automotive Parts and Accessories, Garage Tools, Power tools Woodworking Tools, Blacksmithing Tools, Welding Equipment, and many more categories.

We have developed a balanced team of expert writers, editors, researched, and product reviewers.

Our Team

Ricky N. Hunt – Cheif Writer

Ricky is an ex-student of automotive engineering from the University of Northwestern Ohio. He has done a lot of research on auto and garage tools by using them personally. Any of the articles at machinerychief.com takes his approval before being published by the editor.

James Monroe – Cheif Editor

James Monroe is the Chief editor of machinerychief.com and a certified automotive specialist as well as a tool enthusiast by heart. He loves to experiment with different tools and shares the knowledge with people that he gathers in life experience.

Our Review Process

Our aim is to make an easy buying decision for you. We reviewed any tools based on performance, durability, popularity, and real user feedback. First Our expert team performs extensive research for the tool to find the best one. We take a minimum of 48 to 72 hours’ time before writing the review or buying guide of any specific tool.

Please remember we don’t accept any offer or facilities from the manufacturer while selecting products to make our best lists.

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