What Size Anvil For Knife Making? Select The Right One


Anvils represent the craftsmanship journey from dark days up to date. These tools are still useful in various metal workings, like making knives and jewelry. There exist different types of anvils with varying sizes for other blacksmithing applications. To determine the extent of anvil you require, you should first understand the size of your hammer … Read more

Top 10 Best Gas Forges for Knife Making

Best Gas Forges for Knife Making

If you are into knife making or blacksmithing, then a propane gas forge is an excellent tool to have. A forge is a specialized hearth that heats metal at ridiculously high temperatures. It efficiently heats the metal piece to a temperature where it bends, twists, or gets shaped into something useful. Gas forges are useful … Read more

Top 10 Best Blacksmith Hammers For Beginners

Best Blacksmith Hammers

Having one of the best blacksmith hammers is very crucial, especially when it comes to metalworking activities. Many types of blacksmithing hammers are available in the market, each with different purposes. Usually, choosing the best type of blacksmith hammer for use depends mostly on your level of skills as well as the intended purpose of … Read more

Top 6 Best Blacksmith Tongs Reviews

Best Blacksmith Tongs

Blacksmithing is a popular activity nowadays, especially among young people who are trying to keep themselves busy by mastering the art of forging. Besides the anvil and hammer, tongs are an essential tool in blacksmithing. Without them, forging is not a complete process. Usually, professional smiths craft their tongs depending on their needs. Tongs vary … Read more

Top 10 Best Anvils for Blacksmithing

Best Anvils for Blacksmithing

An anvil is a tool that has a large block of metal, with a flattened top surface on which another object is struck. It is the essential equipment that a blacksmith uses to do their work efficiently. You can never fail to find this tool at a blacksmith’s workshop. The best anvils for blacksmithing are … Read more

20 Basic Blacksmithing Tools For Professional

Basic Blacksmithing Tools

Are you planning to start blacksmithing? If the answer is YES, this information will be resourceful to you. Blacksmithing started decades ago by people who had a passion for making tools like swords, knives, arrows, and machetes for warriors.  Therefore, starting blacksmithing is a big step and is made easier by essential tools that you … Read more