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If you are a mechanic or own a garage, then you should know that the best American made grease gun is a must-have for you. Why? Grease guns are popular tools used to lubricate some car parts or machinery with metal nuts or bearings. Without this, it becomes difficult to carry out greasing on some features that are hard to reach.

These machines are best for DIY purposes, so it is also good to have them at home. If you do not lubricate some parts of machinery, they will rust and will not work the way they are supposed to. Greasing ensures that all the moving parts of your machinery work efficiently to deliver maximum performance.

They mainly come in the form of either hand pump or air pressure, among others. However, if not handled well, you may over or under lubricate your risky machinery. You need to know how to use this tool. 

Several manufacturers have come up with different brands of grease guns, and if you are a first-time user, you are likely to get confused about which one is the right one for you. Worry not! This article focuses on the 10 best American-made grease guns, stating their advantages and disadvantages, not leaving behind what you need to know before making a purchase. Enjoy!

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Budget Pick
Lumax Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun
Lumax Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun
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Premium Choice
Milwaukee Grease Gun Bare Tool - For Heavy Duty
Milwaukee Grease Gun Bare Tool – For Heavy Duty
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Most Popular
Dewalt cordless grease gun reviews – Premium quality
Dewalt cordless grease gun reviews – Premium quality
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1. Lumax Deluxe Pistol Grease GunBest grease guns for the money

Lumax Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

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Lumax grease coupler is among the best manufacturers of lubricants and other related tools; hence the Lumax LX-1152 pistol grease gun plays an efficient role in the greasing of your machinery, thus preventing them from friction, especially the moveable parts. This particular tool is straightforward to use as it employs the one-hand mode of operation.

Featuring an oil-resistant and contoured grip, you can use this tool with comfort and without getting easily fatigued. It also simplifies the one-hand operation mechanism of this gun. Moreover, durability is a priority as its head constitutes a heavy-duty LuCast, cast alloy head that ensures long life.

Additionally, you can fill it with grease in three different ways, including using a normal cartridge, suction, or grease pump (for bulk fill), whichever way you will choose. Besides, you do not have to worry about air getting trapped in its interior as there is an air bleeder valve whose function is to let out any trapped air.

Furthermore, it gives up to about 4 ounces of grease per every 100 strokes; thus, you do not have to refill frequently. There is a non-drip cap that prevents any excess grease from dripping off this gun and a follower rod lock for curbing against any accidental discharge.

Why did we like it?

It is straightforward to use, mainly if you are a beginner because you only need to operate it using one hand. Also, it is not too expensive. It has an 18-inch hose pipe that is flexible enough to get to any place you want. It is perfect for handling heavy-duty jobs because of its heavy build construction.

2. Lock N Lube Pneumatic Grease Gun Best mini grease gun

Lock N Lube Pneumatic Grease Gun

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Are you looking for the best mini grease gun that offers either a single shot or continuous mode of grease flow? Then the Lock N Lube grease gun is the best fit for you. This is a unique feature found in other guns. For the single-shot mode, it gives out 6000PSI of pressure and about 5oz per minute when using the continuous mode. The delivery knob switches between the two modes.

Similarly, the loop and lock storage ensures safety for your grease gun during and after the operation. Also, it provides the grease gun to stay clean with minimal chances of ending up with grease in the wrong places. An extra-long 30-inch flexible hose accesses all the hard to reach areas with ease.

The lock n lube coupler may face different kinds of pressure but will not leak under these circumstances. There is a spare coupler if the other wears out; hence you do not need to buy another. Like the other grease guns in this list, it allows you to load the grease onto it by either a 14-ounce cartridge or bulk filling.

Why did we like it?

Unlike other guns, this is the professional grease gun that offers two grease application modes, either single-shot or continuous. Each of these modes delivers pressure independently. Also, the loop and lock storage technology gives you a comfortable time during cleaning.

3. Bravex Anti slip Gripbest pistol grease gun

Bravex Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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Just like the Lumax LX-1152, the Bravex grease gun applies three methods of grease loading; standard 14-ounce cartridge, filler or dispenser pump, and bulk suction fill. Thus, you get to choose a less messy option. It can be useful in various places, including industries, marine, agriculture, trailers, and automotive, hence versatile.

It has an anti-slip grip that offers maximum grip during use such that it cannot slide off your greasy or oily hands. Besides, its steel tube body gives you long service. This gun works to deliver a pressure of 6000PSI, which is efficient for the lubrication of your machinery or car parts. No trapping in of air due to the air bleeder valve, which acts as a ventilator.

Similarly, the 18 inches flex hose can reach any place and transported easily. No worries about any grease or oil leakages because of the presence of a patented leak-proof design combined with a dual model plunger design that suits both bulk and cartridge grease loading methods.

Furthermore, this gun can move in any direction, either clockwise or anticlockwise, thus convenient. It is worth noting that this tool comes with an extra nozzle in case the other one jams. Moreover, you can operate it with one hand, which makes it easy to use.

Why did we like it?

This grease gun does not have any leakages because of a patented leakage system that prevents this. It has a one-year warranty, which is an added advantage. It can easily be useful for any setting, be it automotive, marine, agriculture, or industrial. Its compatibility with 14-ounce grease canisters is also a plus for it.

4. Milwaukee Grease Gun Bare ToolBest For heavy-duty Greasing

Milwaukee Grease Gun Bare Tool

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If you are looking for the best grease gun coupler to carry out heavy-duty greasing, then you cannot go wrong with the Milwaukee grease gun. It has an industry-leading operating pressure of 10,000PSI. Few grease guns can match this kind of high stress.

With a patent-pending pre-set grease counter, it allows a pro to pass out exact amounts of grease, thus convenient. You can simply switch between maximum pressure and maximum flow rate using its 2-speed model. No airlocks up inside the gun because of the air bleeder valve present, making it easy for you to store.

A 48-inch flexible hose gives you complete access to places that are hard to reach and can be moved around, unlike a rigid hose pipe. Moreover, there is an in-built LED light that illuminates clearly if you are working in the dark. It is easy to tell how much grease remains in the barrel because of the markings on the plunger rod.

Usually, it is very comfortable during use and does not cause you any fatigue. It boasts a stand-up design and a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder while greasing. It receives its power from an M18 red lithium battery pack, which is compatible with various tools.

Why did we like it?

It is very powerful and performs more efficiently than other grease guns. It gives you an option to adjust the flow rate, whether you want it to be high or low. Despite it being heavy, you have the luxury of carrying it over your shoulder while working.

5. REXBETI Premium Car Grease Gun SetBest manual grease gun

REXBETI Premium Car Grease Gun Set

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The REXBETTI grease gun requires you to use one of your hands to pump to create the pressure needed for lubrication because of its manual pistol grip. It is the best manual grease gun, especially for someone who wants to use it at home. Besides, it delivers a maximum pressure of 6000PSI, which in turn produces excellent results.

Accessing hard to reach areas is much easier because of its 18-inch hose as it is very flexible. With an air release valve, there is a consistent grease flow during the application, and also it releases any air that was otherwise trapped to enable easy storage after use.

Further, this gun comes with different accessories that improve its workabilities, such as double-reinforced standard couplers that suit various fittings, a short type nozzle, and 2 metal extension tubes. Moreover, the orange rubber sleeve surrounding the barrel gives the user enough grips, especially when their hands are slippery.

This gun will indeed serve you for a long time because of its steel barrel, which features solid construction. Also, the spring inside the grease barrel is not the standard type of spring in other guns. This one is a more powerful, 2nd generation spring that exerts intense pressure on the plunger. Its rubber handle provides maximum comfort all day long.

Why did we like it?

The 2nd generation thickened spring puts more pressure on the plunger to ensure that the grease flows more consistently. Further, the two reinforced couplers fit well enough onto the available fittings.  You would generally find some lubricating oil in the grease gun to avoid rust.

6. Lincoln Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Guncheap but premium grease gun

Lincoln Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

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Just as the name goes, the Lincoln grease gun is fully automatic, thus giving you a continuous operation and absolute control using a flexible speed trigger. This makes grease applications relatively easy and efficient. Its handle has an ergonomic design with a rubber grip that gives you a comfortable time during operation.

Furthermore, it boasts of a short casting neck that enhances the flow of grease to the piston. Besides, the hanger on the barrel works to improve the casting strength. Contamination may occur, but this is a rare scenario. But in the case that it happens, the field-proven check valve assembly curbs against it. It then becomes easy to clean your gun.

Additionally, its 30-inch hose pipe with high pressure and coupler allows it to reach tight lube points without hassle. An air bleeder together with the help of a filler coupler ensures that no air is trapped within the gun, which makes sure the gun remains primed at all times.

Similarly, it gives out a maximum of 6000PSI grease pressure that is essential for high-efficiency lubrication. If you have moderate to high amount of grease fittings to lubricate, then this is the perfect gun for you.

Why did we like it?

Unlike the grease guns, which require you to pump out the grease manually, this gun needs an air compressor and cord that you buy separately for it to work. It is easier to operate as you. It requires less effort. The variable speed trigger gives you the option of correctly discharging the right amount of grease.

7. Milton Pistol Grease Gun- Overall Best

Milton Pistol Grease Gun

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Giving you an allowance of operating it using one hand, the Milton pistol grease gun is straightforward to use. It features three grease loading, such as the standard 14-ounce grease cartridges, filler pump, or bulk fill. It gives out a maximum pressure of 7000 pounds per square inch. You can use it either as high pressure or a high volume gun by shifting the position of its handle.

This grease gun can be used in different places to offer efficient lubrication services, whether in your garage at home, professional workshops, agricultural, automotive, and industrial. An 18-inch flex high-pressure hose put together with a coupler makes it easy to have access to tight fittings and hard-to-reach places.

Its barrel consists of heavy-gauge steel that makes it durable enough to serve for a long time. Also, a rubber seal around where the tube screws into the head of the gun help ensure that there are little or no grease leakages. There is an air-release valve that releases any trapped hair so that grease can flow smoothly and consistently.

Additionally, its lightweight design gives you the ability to operate it without experiencing any fatigue. You will never regret using it on both small and large projects as it yields high performance.

Why did we like it?

This grease gun is very versatile and used in various applications. With its lightweight design and one-hand operation, you can rarely get fatigued. It is worth noting that you can adjust it to either high pressure or high volume. Moreover, it works well for both mini and large projects.

8. Lincoln Lubrication Pistol Grip Grease GunBest For Preventing Grease Bypass

Lincoln Lubrication Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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Another unique brand by Lincoln is the Lincoln Lubrication1134 grease gun that eases priming, which in turn increases the rate of greasing and lowers troubleshooting. You can load grease into it using any formula you prefer among standard cartridge, suction, or bulk filling, whichever is less messy.

It can withstand any harsh lubrication environment because of its head, aluminum construction, and enclosed piston assembly work. With a particular pivot angle, you can adjust its position to attain comfort during use and reduce fatigue.

Moreover, an extra heavy follower spring inside the barrel exerts high pressure on the plunger for smooth grease flow. It can develop at the maximum pressure of up to 7500PSI. Nonetheless, it has two hose pipes; one 6-inch rigid extension and an 18-inch flexible hose, both of which ensure all narrow fittings are taken care of.

Looking at many reviews, we notice that there is always a difficulty when it comes to priming. But this gun uniquely solves this problem with the combination of a filler nipple and an air bleeder. These two give users the ability to fill the grease tube and, at the same time, release any air trapped inside it.

Why did we like it?

The unique variable stroke mechanism enables you to switch to the high-pressure option in case of applications that need high tolerance. You can reach any area you want with an 18-inch hose and also a 6-inch rigid hose. It does not limit you in any way.

9. Azuno Pneumatic Grease Gun– Versatile

Azuno Pneumatic Grease Gun- Versatile

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Packaged with useful accessories such as a flex nose, standard grease coupler, sharp type nozzle, and a metal extension type, the Azuno pneumatic grease gun delivers optimum performance. The standard grease coupler, together with the flex hose, makes accessing hard-to-reach areas a straightforward task.

Additionally, an air vent valve makes sure to release any trapped air in the tube after every use. This makes priming easy. You can choose between two methods of filling grease; bulk or suction loading or 14-ounce cartridge. Besides, it features a unique barrel having a thick knurled wall to offer a secure grip and also for durability.

Its non-slip rubber grip boasts an ergonomic design that gives you a high grip and ensures that the gun does not slip off your slippery hands. Moreover, it can be applied widely, ranging from trailers, marine, automotive, industry, and agriculture.

What did we like?

If you are dealing with heavy industrial obligations, then this is the ideal option.  It rarely experiences leakages, and between 30-150 PSI of compressed air is needed to operate efficiently. The unique knurling on its barrel gives the user a tight grip during use.

10. Dewalt cordless grease gun reviews battery powered

Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

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The Dewalt battery powered cordless grease gun does not use manual or pneumatic operations to get it running. It has a powerful motor that outputs 10,000PSI using grease fittings that are clogged. Its high-volume pump dispenses 5oz per mm of grease, which yields excellent results.

Moreover, a single 20V Dewalt battery gives an allowance of up to 16 cartridges per charge. With a variable speed trigger, controlling the flow of grease is very easy; thus, you get the correct amount of grease exactly where you need it to be.

Its flexible hose is 42 inches, thus extra-long to give you the ease of access to areas that are hard to reach and narrow spaces too. A bright LED light powers the tight spaces when you are working in the regions that lit poorly. Before filling cartridges, the air is likely to get trapped in the barrel. To prevent this, an air-bleeder valve allows trapped air to escape.

Furthermore, dirt and contaminants do not get stuck on the pump mechanism because of a pump filter screen that makes sure this does not happen. When tired of carrying it, you can rest it on flat surfaces with its no-mar foot design.

Why did we like it?

First, we want the fact that it is cordless and powered by a battery. It has high power and is appropriate for heavy-duty machinery. An LED light helps with the illumination of tight and hard-to-reach areas. Also, it is easy to clean and get rid of contaminants.

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Buyers Guide on the Best American Made Grease Gun

Best American Made Grease Gun

Ease of use

Before buying a grease gun, you should know whether it is easy to use, as this is the most vital factor to consider. Get a gun that does not leave you exhausted after each use. Lightweight guns are straightforward to carry around and offer hassle-free operation.

Moreover, some guns give you an option to carry over the shoulder rather than holding it using your hand. Using guns that are powered by batteries is essential if you are into DIY projects.

A grease gun with a flexible hose easily accesses hard to reach areas to provide accurate grease application, unlike a rigid hose.

Grease loading

Of course, you need grease to operate the grease gun. But how are you going to load it without any mess? There are grease guns that allow you to load grease using three methods, depending on which you prefer.

Using a cartridge is the most common method of loading, and it is also convenient. As long as you have compatible cartridges, it is a onetime process. Notably, the mixing of old and new grease cannot occur using this method. However, it is more expensive compared to other methods. 

On the other hand, the suction method appears to cause a lot of mess, but it is not expensive. But it still works to fill the barrel with grease.


You would not want to have a grease gun that cannot serve you for long and quickly breaks down after a few times of using it. Be sure to check the brand first and whether it has a warranty of at least one year. Invest in a gun manufactured by a well-known brand.

Additionally, the gun and its parts should have robust metal construction such as steel and aluminum, making it withstand any harsh lubrication conditions. Reading reviews will also help you get wind of grease guns that prioritize durability.


Safety is critical, especially when dealing with machinery. It is vital to invest in a grease gun with some safety certification, which certifies it to be safe for use. This is usually after it has undergone several rigorous tests. Most of the guns with this kind of certification are those whose brands are in Canada or the US.

Also, if you are using your gun at home, you need to be careful about your kids accessing it. Some guns come with a safety lock feature, which makes it hard for children to unlock it. Be sure to get such guns if you want it for home use and have kids around.


Usually, the pressure a grease gun delivers is measured in PSI. Different guns produce different ranges of pressure, the lowest being 2000PSI, and others can go to as high as 10,000PSI. You may need high pressure for operation and times where you need accurate results, thus employ lower pressure.

Guns having higher pressure are ideal for larger areas, and those with lower pressure are for when you want to cover definite points. To avoid buying two grease guns, one with lower and one with higher pressure, you can opt for a manual or a pneumatic grease gun with the variable pressure feature.

Type of Grease Gun

The operation of grease gun features three different ways; hand lever, pneumatic, or battery powered. Which one would you prefer? Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Hand lever guns need you to pump out grease manually using your hand and deliver a maximum pressure of up to 10,000PSI.

Pneumatic grease guns use air pressure to operate and usually need an air compressor and a cord to give out 6000PSI of pressure. Some brands allow you to measure precisely the amount of grease distributed per each stroke.

Battery-powered guns are usually cordless, meaning they do not need a cord. If you are looking for grease guns that can handle heavy machinery and applications that require accuracy, then these are the best to work with.

FAQs on the Best American Made Grease Gun

How much grease can one pump dispense?

This varies by the model of the grease gun. The average is generally between 0.8 and 3 grams per stroke. However, some guns allow you to adjust the amount of grease dispensed.

Which is the right way to store a grease gun?

You should always store cartridge tubes in an upright position to prevent them from separating. After loading a cartridge in a grease gun, remove pressure from it, wipe it, eliminate any contaminants, and finally store it in a horizontal position.

Which grease gun can I use for automotive purposes?

This is highly dependent on factors such as the type of vehicle you own, how often you will use the grease gun, and what areas you need to grease. Pneumatic and hand lever grease guns are suitable for occasional operation. If you need to grease frequently, then battery-powered will work for you.


There are three types of grease guns; hand lever, pneumatic, and those that get their power from batteries. Whichever you decide to choose depends on whatever application you want to use it for and of your greasing needs.

A grease gun is essential when you are operating machinery that needs frequent lubrication to prevent them from rusting and to improve its efficiency. It is also essential to consider ease of use, durability, loading method, and price while you shop for the best American made grease gun.

At that juncture, we hope that this article gives you all the information you need to make the right purchase decision.

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