Top 7 Best Respirator For Spray Painting Review

If you are a painter, then you can agree with me how the job has a lot of dangers, especially if you don’t have a safe and best respirator for spray painting that can protect you from dangerous gas and chemical emissions. Painting can cause a lot of health issues if you don’t follow precautions and safety measures. 

You should know that many paints contain dangerous particles and vapors that, if you are not careful, can penetrate and affect your lungs. Vapors can trigger symptoms relating to asthma when you breathe in. Besides,  atomized molecules can block your airway, especially if you are applying the best sprayers.

Insufficient protection may expose you to health implications. Therefore it is advisable to look and start using a quality full respirator for your spray painting work. Fortunately, if you are reading this article, count yourself lucky. The report has all the useful ideas that will help you to search and choose the best product for your protection.

It has our top 7 reviews with short descriptions, cons and pros for enabling you to decide which one is the best respirator for painters that is perfect and suits your unique situation.

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Editor Choice of: Best Respirator Mask For Spray Painting Reviews and Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameRatingsPrice
Respirator Half Facepiece Gas Mask Perfect for Painters and DIY Project Respirator Half Facepiece Gas Mask Perfect for Painters and DIY Project
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Premium Pick
17in 1 Reusable Full Face Respirator Widely Used in Paint Sprayer
17in 1 Reusable Full Face Respirator Widely Used in Paint Sprayer
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HXMY Industrial Spray Paint Polishing Sandblasting Respirator Mask Goggles Set HXMY Industrial Spray Paint Polishing Sandblasting Respirator Mask Goggles Set
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Now Let’s have a look at the detailed review to know our top picked item.

1. BAOMAO Reusable Half Face CoverBest For Versatile Performance

Maomao Reusable Half Face Cover

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If you are looking for a pocket-friendly and affordable cheap professional paint respirator, then BAOMAO Reusable Half Face Cover is the perfect choice for your search. It has a sealing edge, which is full of high-quality silicone material to enable it to fit your face and provide a comfortable and soft wearing feeling. It is also sturdy and robust to withstand long working hours.

It features a strap belt that can fit all head sizes and a flow valve near the cover to reduce moisture and heat to enable you to breathe without hassle. Also, this feature prevents you from fatigue that might be a result of tiredness. Its strap belt also makes it suitable for comfortable and wearing.

More so, it has a super-classy anti-fog splashing that will prevent you from any tiny substance invasions. Besides, nothing will interfere with your sight; you will see everything with this respirator. It features four cotton filters that are capable of eliminating not less than 99.96% of particles. Also, with its reusable design, you can work for an extended period without regular change-outs. Besides, this respirator is lightweight enough to provide ultimate conform when working. 

Also, with its adjustable strap belt, this respirator is ideal for science, soldering, outdoor work, railway, fabrication, shooting, sawfly, workshop, lab, DIY eye protection, chainsaw worker, construction, cleaning, desert, electricians, designer, infield work, engineers, machining, laser, mechanics and many other applications.

Maintaining BAOMAO M101 Reusable Half Face Cover is very easy because you only need to replace the filter and nothing more occasionally. The package comes with half-face over, four filters cotton, and two filter boxes. This is a classic mask that will fully keep you off harmful gasses and chemicals when working.

2. Reusable Best Full Face Respirator For Spray Painting

Reusable full-face Cover respirator

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If you are looking for a snugly fitting, highly safe, and comfortable respirator that is versatile, then you can go with 17in 1 Reusable full-face Cover respirator. This mask is also full of thermoplastic elastomer and silicone material. The most exciting truth of this mask is its silicone face seal; it is lightweight with anti-fogging lenses for maximum comfortability and protection of eyes. 

The silicone material also ensures this respirator spray painting mask serves you for a long time. Besides, its design will allow you to speak and hear easily, and wearing the show will never irritate your skin. 

17in 1 Reusable full-face Cover respirator features two adjustable straps while others are permanent for proper protection and filters that you can use immediately from the market. Its flexibility also allows the mask to fit your face and adapt correctly.

It also comes in small, medium, and large sizes to fit above 80 % of people. Furthermore, 17in 1 Reusable full-face Cover respirator is free from distortion and offers maximum protection to your eyes from particles. This feature makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Can I reuse the machine? Of course, yes, as per its name, you will only have to replace filters. Your eyes and respiratory system will have no issues. This mask is suitable for various applications like organic gas, chemical, paint sprayer, dust protector, woodworking, etc.

3. HXMY Industrial Gas Chemical Anti- Dust Spray Paint

HXMY Industrial Gas Chemical Anti

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Here is another affordable respirator for spraying latex paint with classic qualities you can expect to get from high-class respirators. It is made from upgraded silica gel to provide not only maximum comfort but also longevity of the mask. Besides, it features a PC lens and TPU frame goggles for proper eye protection and healthier eyesight. These goggles are impact resistant.

It is lightweight and flexible to easily fit the face enabling you to wear and remove it quickly. It also comes in large and medium sizes to fit various facial types. Therefore, with HXMY Industrial respirator, believe me, you will for an extended period without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

The above features make this respirator ideal for sanding, coal mining, polishing, sandblasting, spray paint, cement handling, stone cutting, dust-space operations, house decoration, odor prevention experiments, and agriculture industry, construction, manufacturing, and many other applications.

Furthermore, it is reusable in that you can wash filters and cartridges easily for reuse. Its maintenance will ensure healthy work. Besides, for your safety, you will have to replace the filter box with new when you experience uncomfortable fog, smell, breath shortness, or gas mask for spray painting.

Remember also to follow instructions on the substance you are suing to know how this mask can protect you from harmful chemical and gas emissions.

4. Personal Protective Half Facepiece Respirator- Also Great

Personal Protective Half Facepiece Respirator

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3M Personal Protective Equipment is a half-face mask that can offer you maximum protection from harmful gases, particulates, and vapors when installing the right filters and cartridges. It is also full of silicone material, which ensures comfortability and softer face feel. This feature also extends the mask; you will use it for an extended period as long as you remember to change filters and cartridges when necessary.

Under normal circumstances, 3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece can also offer maximum protection to your respiratory system with a concentration that can go up to ten times the standard exposure limit. It also features a cool flow valve that is in charge of making your breathing more comfortable, offering drier and cooler comfort to you. However, you will have to buy cartridges separately. 

Furthermore, it features an adjustable head harness that can allow you to put on and remove it without struggling. It also possesses a powerful exhalation valve that covers direct moisture and exhales air downward. 

This does not only ensure your safety but also keeps off areas around the valve free from debris. This feature allows you to clean the mask easily; if there is debris. It also comes in different color-coding that indicates size, i.e., medium, small and large, mainly simple identification.

Apart from spray painting, this 3M paint respirator is also suitable for other applications such as; abatement, welding, construction, chemical handling, utilities, mining, smelting, and pharmaceutical.

5. 3M Ultimate Facepiece Respirator – Quality respirator mask for chemicals

3M Ultimate Facepiece Respirator

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3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402 is the only painting respirator that features 3M Scotchgard protector. It is also made from soft and durable silicone material with a large eye lens to allow you to see without any hassle. The other crucial feature of this mask is six strap configurations; this offers maximum protection and heading fitting. This feature also keeps the cover in position by preventing it from shifting when working.

Furthermore, it features a head cradle that prevents it from hair pulling and increases comfortability on your head. Also, its 3M cool flow valve is in charge of providing dry and cool comfort; this allows you to breathe easily. These features make 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402 more practical and comfortable to use and provide you with proper protection from airborne contaminants.

It also has a silicone face seal and a nose cup that not only offer comfort but also durability of the mask and allows you to clean it easily. Still, on the cleaning, it features a stainless lens and paints that when accumulates on the surface, you will easily wipe off. Its large lens also provides a broad view.

More so, it has a passive speaking diaphragm-like that is suitable for more comfortable and more precise communications. Using this paint respirator filter is simple because respirator cartridge and filter attachments can easily twist off and on for quick disassembly and assembly, featuring silicone gaskets for eliminating loose gaskets preventing them from getting lost.

The entire above features make 3 M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402 suitable for various applications such as assembly, chemical handling, chemical clean-up, chemical splash, chiseling, chipping, furnace operations, cleaning, grinding, laboratories, masonry, machining, painting, casting/pouring, sawing, and sanding. 

Therefore industries that commonly use this respirator are; agriculture, general manufacturing, construction, primary metals, and pharmaceuticals. It is NIOSH certified.

6. Honeywell Pesticide Reusable MaskBest Respirator For Automotive Painting

Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask

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If you are looking for a perfect automotive paint respirator for both dyers and professional contractors, then Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask may be the right answer for your situation. 

This respirator will protect you from airborne contaminants and will ensure safety for yourself plus your lungs. Also, it is convenient and ready to wear featuring two R95 filters and two organic vapor cartridges for maximum protection against vapors, gases, and particulates. It is also capable of providing safe breathing, not compromising your respiratory functioning. 

Its filters and cartridges are replaceable, making the facepiece reusable. There is no need to worry about filters and cartridges because you can replace them with N-series cartridges at home. It is latex-free, non-allergenic, durable, and challenging.

Besides, Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask features a contoured-face sealing flange from a non-allergenic silicone mixture. However, this mask is not advisable for long working hours.

With this mask, you will get a broader vision due to its low-profile cartridge; this feature makes it ideal for close-up work detail. More so, the right strategic location of its exhalation valves is suitable for easing the breathing process. However, it will not prevent you from sweating because it is not ideal for high temperatures.

The mask is NIOSH certified, offering OV/R95 prevention from solid,  non-oil, and oil liquid particulates.

7. Honeywell Disposable Respirator Safety Masks

Honeywell North Niosh-Approved Half Mask Respirator

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Don’t think you have enough choices; here is another affordable yet high-quality respirator. Despite being the final product on our list, it can turn your neck in the market. There is a slight difference between this product and Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask. Features and functions are almost similar.

It has contoured face sealing featuring various thicknesses to ensure a maximum facial seal. It comes in different sizes and shapes to fit most people’s faces. It also has dual-elasticity straps that maximize mobility, and its threaded-cartridge connectors prevent the mask from accidental disconnections.

The 7700 Series Air Purifying Respirator (APR) can easily modify itself to Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator (CF-SAR) or Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) attachments. It meets NIOSH certification, and you can use it alongside a backpack adaptor for painting and welding applications.

This mask also features a healthy grade silicone that can protect you from dust, airborne particulates, mists, organic vapors, fumes, acid gases, and many other contaminants. It is also compatible with N-series cartridges for use in various applications.

Furthermore, this paint respirator offers you maximum comfort allowing you to work for long hours. It has strong support near the chin area plus a flexible nose bridge to ensure easy shifting and breathing.

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Buyers guide on the best respirator for spray painting

spray painting

Buying the top respirator for spray painting is not an easy decision, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge of them. Therefore, below are some of the factors to consider when buying the best respirator.


We all need something that can serve us for an extended period and is reusable. However, with these respirators, it is tricky because if you fail to replace filters and cartridges on time, it becomes a mess. You will start to feel uncomfortable smells, and you may inhale fumes and toxic gases.

Therefore, if you decide to go for reusable respirators, remember to replace the filter and offer full maintenance. More so, cleaning is essential for your safety and the mask’s longevity.

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NIOSH certification

This is the body that makes sure the respirators meet all their safety requirements before entering the market. Therefore, you should be keen on this feature before buying a respirator. Thank God almost all the above respirators meet NIOSH approval. 

The best respirator for spray painting should meet all requirements. This will protect you from harmful gases, particulate matter, fumes, sprays, etc.


A perfect respirator should make you believe you are wearing nothing at all. It should allow you to breathe easily and focus well. It should give your eyes a wide field of view, making you comfortable for not less than 8 hours. There are some respirators featuring coverings that make your nose soft.

More so, try to consider the weight of the mask you wish to buy. Don’t buy something that will strain you while working.

Filtering ability

Before buying a respirator, you need to ask yourself, what is the filtration capacity of the respirator? Therefore, you need to buy a respirator that can offer you maximum protection, especially in critical and harmful situations.

It should also be able to filter tiny particles and gases that might be harmful to your health. Hence, it should feature a vast filtering spectrum for your safety.

spraying in automotive

Common types of respirator for spray painting

Full-face respirator

As per its name, it is famous for covering the whole face offering maximum and dual protection, lung protection and eye protection, and respiratory system. The eye protection feature is better than standard safety goggles or glasses.

Half-face respirator

It only covers your mouth and nose, a simple difference from full-face masks. They come with a permanent strap around your head. The most interesting fact about these masks is, they are less intrusive. Works well in applications that don’t need eye protection such as painting and staining.

Air-purifying respirator (APR)

This is another category of respirators that are popular for filtering isocyanate, solvents, dust,  particulates, etc. from the air. Most of them feature organic vapors that are responsible for filtering solvents. It also has a pre-filter with a HEPA filter in charge of filtering dust.

Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Many consumers affirm that this respirator is more protective than APR. It offers you comfortable to wear and safety. Its effectiveness makes it suitable for spray painting. It comes with different types of facepieces, including half-face and full-face masks, hoods, and loose-fitting facepieces.

Frequently asked questions

What are the famous respirators for spray painting companies?

Many brands are offering different products on the market. However, there a new brand in the market that is non-rather than 3M brands. It is popular because of its high-quality products, comfort, and long-lasting. This company is an aggressive manufacturer that makes many customers consider it.

How often should I replace my filters?

Preplace the filter immediately when you start feeling uncomfortable smells and gases. The scent itself will force you to change the filter. If you don’t change, it may irritate you or cause other respiratory issues. More so, when you begin to feel hassle in breathing, change the filter or cartridges.

How can I take care of my filters?

You may prolong the lifespan of filters by providing proper care. Essential care is to keep them off from moisture. When it gets wet, be it a disposable or replaceable filter, it is useless, and therefore, you will have to replace it.

Another thing is to follow instructions on how the mask operates. If you don’t mind, it may end up serving you for only a few months.


If you are a painter, there is no way you can do without the best respirator for spray painting. Being healthy means you are fit, and you can do any work. These respirators are essential for offering maximum protection against harmful gases, particulates, and chemicals that may affect your eyes and lungs.

Therefore, I thought it was good to develop an article to help you make a perfect choice. You deserve the best respirator to cover your nose, mouth, and eyes, depending on the type of job you are handling. It is only the best respirator that can allow you to work for long hours without struggling.

You will not lack a choice in this article; our top-pick product is BAOMAO Reusable Half Face Cover. It is not only the best but also affordable. If you don’t like BAOMAO, then you can go with 17in 1 Reusable full-face Cover respirator is also the best. Furthermore, for premium lovers, here is 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402 for you.

Best Respirator For Spray Painting

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