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It is only mechanics who know how it is hectic to make sure tools are organized and protected in the tool box. Indeed, it is not an easy task to prevent tools from slipping until you have the best tool box drawer liner. 

Your tools are an investment, and they will be most useful when properly organized and stored in a healthy condition. 

If you have been experiencing such a hassle, now it’s time to start thinking of drawer liners. A good liner should organize and reduce the movement of tools either in the cabinet or tool box. 

But how and where will you get the best liners? Relax! This article will provide you with all information and tips to choose the best tool box liner.

       Top 8 Best Tool Box (Chest) Drawer Liner

1. Reizen Tech Slip Resistant heavy duty tool box liner

This is one of the best drawer liners from Reizen Tech with a thickness of 3mm. Reizen Tech slip-resistant Tool Box is about 18” and 24” feet with a nonslip surface on both sides to keep tools in their specific positions whenever you open or close the cabinets or drawers. This heavy duty tool box liner is lengthy enough to cover a large space in cabinets or your tool box drawer.

Reizen Tech slip-resistant Tool Box is durable and thick for maximum protection of your tools. With this drawer liner, you are sure of extended lifespan to your tool boxes and tools. This is because there will be no sliding and falling from the cabinet or drawers.

The drawer features a grid line that allows you to measure and cut easily. What you only need is a sharpie, then cut over the line you wish. The next step will be to install them in your roller cats, drawers, tool chests, and tool boxes. Remember, this resistant slip liner is compatible with any tool box.

Don’t worry about cleaning this liner because you only need to wipe it with a piece of cloth or towel. 

There is no need to get the liner down for cleanliness, but if you want to carry out thorough cleanliness, remove the liner from the cabinet, and use clean water plus a hand brush. Cleaning the liner is easy because its surfaces are washable.

This tool remains the best because of its pristine quality and durability. No more disorganization and breakages!

2. Professional Tool Box and Drawer liner– Best For Longevity

If you are looking for a drawer liner that can protect and add more serving years to your tools, then you should consider Professional Non-slip Tool Box and Drawer liner. This liner offers the best storage of your tools by reducing their movement. 

Tools break when they fall or come in contact with either the surface of the cabinet or the floor. Therefore, this drawer liner should be the solution to such cases.

More so, cutting and installing Professional Non-slip Tool Box and Drawer liner is very easy because of its grip-based design. This enables you to easily cut and fit the liner to your tool box or drawer. However, this liner is also suitable for the kitchen shelf.

This liner is durable enough to offer maximum protection to your tools from natural tear and wear. Therefore, apart from its protection purpose, it will serve you for an extended period. 

Also, cleaning this liner is simple because you only need to use cold water then leave it to dry outside before installing it back to its place.

3. Reizen Tech Heavy Duty slip-resistant Toolbox liner Best For Easy Cleaning

Organize and protect your tools with this tool box liner. Reizen Tech Red slip-resistant tool box liner has a nonslip surface on either side to keep your tools in place. 

Sometimes tools break as a result of sliding and hitting each other when you open and close the drawer or move around with your tool box. This rubber mat for tool box drawers is everything.

Reizen Tech Red slip-resistant tool box liner has a big roll enough for proper protection to your tool boxes and tools. It features enough material to cover complete tool boxes. Therefore, your tools will be organized and protected 24/7.

When cutting, sometimes we fear to get uneven sizes. That problem should not worry you anymore because Reizen Tech Red slip-resistant tool box liner has a grid line to enable you to measure and cut easily the size you wish. 

More so, the installation of this liner is straightforward and is suitable for any tool box. It is also ideal for tool chests and roller carts.

Cleaning this drawer liner is very easy by just rubbing it down to avoid regular removal of the liner from its place whenever you wish to clean. It has a washable surface that will give you ample time. 

4. Reizen Tech Heavy Duty slip-resistant Tool box linerBest For easy installing

Color is the only feature that differentiates this drawer liner from its cousins. It is BLUE in color and 3mm thick. This tool box liner also long to cover wide space in your cabinet or truck. 

It also serves the same purpose of organizing and protecting tools in a tool box or a cabinet by increasing friction between the tools and its surface. Tools slide when you open or close a drawer. 

This is normal because daily activities should go on, but there is a way to avoid the problem of increasing the lifespan of your tools. Reizen Tech Red slip-resistant tool box liner is the answer to such issues.

It is durable and thick enough for maximum protection. This feature enables Reizen Tech Red slip-resistant tool box liner to serve you for an extended period.

Furthermore, it is precise measuring, cutting, and installing this drawer liner. This is because it has grid lines to guide you when cutting. More so, installing or fitting the liner is also easy.

Besides, washing this liner is easy because of its washable surface. This is a heavy-duty drawer liner that will never disappoint you.

5. Mode-liners Hi Vis colored tool box Liner Best For Easy Maintainance

Organize and protect your tools from sliding with Mode-liners colored tool box. This is an upgraded drawer liner from Mod-box. This is an excellent non-slip liner that can perfectly organize and keep your tools safe from wearing or tearing as you close or open your cabinet or tool box. 

Mode-liners colored tool box is suitable for any surface you wish to have an organizational and extra grip capability like cabinets, dressers, shelves, and many other places. 

It is available in standard size with the ability to fit many cabinets and tool boxes. If it doesn’t fit in your place, trim it. This is because cutting this drawer liner is simple.

Furthermore, Mode-liners colored tool box is a non-adhesive liner with a Hi-Vis color that is bright enough to enable you to spot your tools quickly. You will not struggle to look for a tool with this liner.

The liner also features a thick material to provide maximum cushions to your tools regardless of their weight. Also, it has a slightly tacky textured grip to curb the movement of devices.

The expanded foam is resistant to grease and acidic substance to extend the lifespan of the liner. More so, for additional durability, the liner has a reinforced scrim running through the middle to prevent an unpredictable tear.  

Another added advantage, the liner has washable surfaces making it easy to maintain liner.  Therefore, the liner cannot trap dust or dirt and is consequently wiped out quickly.

6. EPPCO Enterprises Tool Box Liner Best For Non Slip Feature

Sometimes cleaning a liner can be hectic, whereby you need to clear out all dirt or debris. Preventing dirt from entering your tool box is not easy unless you get EPPCO Enterprises 1864 24″ x 30′ Tool Box, Liner. This is an excellent drawer liner that repels dirt. 

Cleaning is also easy because dirt doesn’t stick onto this non slip tool box drawer liner. You only need to wipe once, and all dirt will be cleared. This enables you to clean whenever you want quickly. 

However, this doesn’t mean that tools will slip. No! The liner maintains its non-slip feature by preventing tools from moving around. How can we appreciate this manufacturer’s craftsmanship? This liner is the best

EPPCO Enterprises 1864 24″ x 30′ Tool Box Liner has astounding quality with top-tier material found in the manufacturing industry to extend its lifespan, flexibility, and reliability. 

Rubbery foam is the material used to manufacture the liner that is not sticky but brittle. It has a non-porous finishing with a thick lining that enables it to keep off dust and dirt. This is why many people love the drawer liner.

7. Mod-Box Heavy Duty Non-slip tool box Drawer liner– Best For Customization

This is the extra thick and standard-sized liner that you may need. How do you feel when you have multiple sizes to choose from? Mod-Box Non-slip tool box liner gives you a chance to select the perfect drawer liner since it comes with many dimensions that you will not lack a choice. Its thick material provides enough protection to your tools.

It comes with a textured grip that is a bit tacky to reduce the movement of tools. With Mod-Box Non-slip tool box liner, your devices will be organized and prevented from sliding. 

This liner has a high-quality material for its longevity and maximum protection to your tools.  It also features a reinforced scrim running through the middle of the liner to reduce tearing.

This liner is also long and wide enough to fit the space in your cabinet or tool box. Moreover, it has a nonslip surface that cannot allow your tools to slide.  Cleaning this liner is also simple because you can wipe it and reinstall it. 

Another added advantage, Mod-Box Non-slip tool box liner cannot absorb acid, grease, and dirt. 

This is the best drawer liner that allows you to choose the size that fits your cabinet or tool box. Get your size and experience its greatness because your tools will be kept safe in their place.

8. Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner shelf and drawer liner

If you don’t love premium materials or you have a fixed budget, this is your choice. This is the best drawer liner because it allows washing it using a machine. It is available in different sizes, and cutting it is easy. 

Why buy a liner that will dry your pocket? They all have the same purpose. Therefore, this liner is cost-effective.

Furthermore, this liner is suitable for light garage kitchenware because of its airiness. Another added advantage, you can reinstall without any struggle hence allowing you to access your tool box easily. 

It has a bottom grip that cushions tools from sliding. Moreover, its surface is smooth to prevent the liner from absorbing PVC substance.

Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner features a breathable and excellent design. It has many small holes making it easy to wash because it doesn’t absorb spills. You can use a washing machine. If you don’t feel like using your hands, go and toss the liner in the machine

It is advisable to place a piece of paper between the liner and your utensils or tools to prevent it from moving around. 

It may give you a hard time when pulling out your tools or utensils. Remember, sometimes the liner may feel non-tacky, but there is no problem with that. Just reposition it.

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Buyers Guide on Best Tool Box Drawer Liner

Best Tool Box Drawer Liner

A tool box liner is a specific product with complicated features that sometimes maybe a challenge to get the best. Therefore, it is essential to understand these features before making a final choice. Below are tips/factors to consider before buying your best tool box liner.

Surface material

The primary purpose of drawer liners is to prevent tools from sliding and slipping around. However, there are non-porous and others porous. Porous ones can trap dust and dirt, quickly giving you a headache when cleaning them. These absorbent drawer liners cost you a tooth. 

Therefore, it is you to choose whether you want to have a dirt layer under your drawer or you want a drawer liner that you can rub down and cleaning is over.


This factor should guide you to choose the liner with a suitable thickness. Basing on design, there are two types of drawer liners, i.e., thin and thicker liners. Thick drawer liners are applicable to provide maximum protection regardless of the weight of the tools. 

However, sometimes such liners are unsuitable because they consume a lot of space. Therefore, try to consider the available space in your tool box or cabinet.

On the other hand, thin drawer liners are meant to keep tools off from scuffs and scratch marks. For example, the EPPCO tool box liner will give you a maximum cushion for your devices.


Drawer liners usually come in a roll. You are required to cut and trim them to fit your Tool box. Therefore, go for drawer liners with enough to cover your tool box completely. More so, try to include waste cuts like irregular-shaped surfaces. Sometimes you may use these liners in other places like cabinets or drawers. 


Apart from their primary purpose, some drawer liners come with an aesthetic design. Colorful drawer liners should be necessary as it allows you to spot tools easily in the cabinet or tool box. However, sometimes they might be exposed to dust and dirt. 

Colored liners are also useful for customization. Therefore, you have to go for a suitable one depending on your favorite color. For example, Mod-Liners, Reizen Tech Blue & red are the most recommended colored drawer liners.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I cut my tool box drawer liner?

You can use a scissor then cut along the symmetrical lines. This applies to those drawer liners with grip lines enabling you to measure and cut easily.

2. What is the importance of drawer liners?

They protect your utility shelf, cabinet, truck beds, and tool boxes against stains, dents, and corrosion. They extend the lifespan of your tools.

3. What is the best tool box drawer liner?

The best drawer liner should keep your tools safe and organized. More so, the best drawer liner should depend on the size of your cabinet or cabinet. Another feature to look is the possession of a non-slip grip

4. How can I prevent my drawer liners from moving around?

A good number of liners come with a non-slip grip that keeps them in position. If you don’t have one, then you should put a piece of paper between your liner and the tool box.


You need a dependable tool box liner to keep your tools safe and organized in a cabinet or tool box. Hopefully, this article has helped you with essential information on the best tool box drawer liner, and if not, why don’t you have a look at our top two products? 

Reizen Tech Black slip-resistant Tool box and Professional Non-slip Tool Box and Drawer liners are the best because of their pristine qualities. Their thickness and size fit most of our cabinets and tool boxes.  Cleaning these liners is also easy because of their washable surfaces. 

Therefore, try to consider the durability and thickness of each drawer liner before buying.

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