Top 7 Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment Review

If you plan to prepare a surface for painting or do some old varnish removal for a new coat, you need the Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment. You can’t afford to miss these useful tools either in the home or industrial settings. This review will provide you with broad information on how to get the best orbital sander with a vacuum attachment. 

The article will also try to give you the necessary information for each product for a quick decision. These tools come from various manufacturers with varying features to enhance improved experience and performance during operation. You need to carefully go through the buyer’s guide to understand the significant factors to consider before making a final purchase.

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Editors Choice: Top 3 Best Orbital Sanders with Vacuum Attachment Review & Comparison table

Premium Choice
Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit
Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit
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Budget Pick
Bosch Random Orbital Palm Sander
Bosch Random Orbital Palm Sander
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Most Popular
DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6423K)
DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6423K)
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1. Makita Random Orbit Sander Kit – Makita bo5041 review

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Are you looking for an orbital sander to use in repair shops or professional carpentry? Working with a low-class and cheap orbital sander is always tiresome with a lot of discomforts. Here is a product from Makita with a super-classy design and incredible features that can turn necks in the market. 

Check out this extra dust Collector as well if you need in your garage Makita, Finishing Sanders 166027-1 Dust Bag

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander comes with many safety features to enhance comfortability and improve performance. It features two handles for unmatched user comfort. The first handle is a long and robust rubberized handle, while the second one is a small and removable handle. Therefore, when handling large jobs, you can use both hands practically. 

On the other hand, you can remove the auxiliary handle when working in hard-to-reach areas. This will enable the tool to be correctly in place and produce better and more precise results. Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander has a powerful motor of 3.0 amp featuring variable speeds. 

The motor’s minimum speed is 4000 OPM, and a maximum speed goes up to 12000 OPM. The machine can withstand all sorts of regular abuse. When handling small jobs, there is no need for a vacuum due to the tool’s dust attachment. 

Other useful features with this Makita orbital sander vacuum attachment are a big two-finger trigger switch for convenience, a complete 1/8″ random orbit mechanism for super smooth and faster sanding to produce a swirl-free finish. The machine also has pad control technology that monitors pad speed when starting up the tool. 

The tool comes with a carrying case that is durable and unique. However, the storage case makes the machine more expensive. But you can buy the device only. 

2. Bosch Random Orbital Palm Sander- (Best with Dust Collection)

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Bosch is another company famous for the production of high-quality products in the market. Its products also come with excellent features that you can expect to get from a few top-ranking brands in the field. 

Here is Bosch (ROS20VSC) Random Orbital Palm Sander, one of the best DIY orbital sanders with various accessories to enhance maximum performance. Some of these accessories include; sanding pads, dampening ring, vacuum adapter, sanding disk, carrying case, and dust canister. 

Check out this hose adapter for various sander of BOSCH for extra dust collector or vacuum attatchemt.

This bosch orbital sander vacuum attachment features a 2.5 Amps motor with a 7500-12000 OPM; this makes it lightweight and budget-friendly. It looks somewhat underpowered for handling big polishing jobs, but it can perfectly have your sanding job done. Therefore, if you are an occasional DIYer or homeowner, you should have this sander in your backyard. 

The most exciting fact about this machine is its capability to polish both contoured and flat surfaces. Thanks to the manufacturer; the pad dampening mechanism makes polishing hassle-free. 

Besides, it also comes with a quick connector that is compatible with all conventional vacuum-like vac shops without the aid of any extra adapter. 

Furthermore, this orbital sander can also give you a clean workplace environment through its dust container attachment. The sander has a microfilter technology for trapping particles and fine dust on the dust collection mechanism. 

The dust canister is also compact and durable and can show dust levels for disposal. Detaching the dust container from the machine is a piece of cake.

Therefore, if there is no vacuum, it is possible to use this machine to enhance fine finishing with reduced dust spills. This feature will also save time that you could use to collect dust manually. 

3. DEWALT Random – (Best Power Orbit Sander With Vacuum Attachment)

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The fifth product on our list comes from DEWALT Company. This company is also famous for its high-class accessories and power tools than its counterparts in the market. You don’t have to worry about dust production because the device comes with a dust collector/bag. Besides, this orbital sander is compatible with DWV012 and DWV010 dust collectors. 

You don’t need an extra adapter to connect the attachment; it fits the tool correctly. DEWALT (DWE6423K) Random Orbit Sander weighs only 4.o pounds, making it half heavier than others in the market. Its weight will allow you to use the tool easily without discomfort. 

Additionally, Dewalt random orbital sander features an ergonomic grip for comfortability. You need a tool that will not strain you during operation. This sander also has reduced vibration and noise so that you work peacefully to achieve better results. 

Furthermore, DEWALT (DWE6423K) Random Orbit Sander comes with a dust-sealed switch and multiple speed settings. The dust-sealed control will ensure your workshop remains clean. The numerous speed settings also allow you to adjust the speed setting based on your handling material. All these features are also useful in enhancing the durability of the machine.

More so, the sander comes with low-profile chemistry that enables you to utilize it precisely to achieve a flawless finishing. You can buy its housing case separately, depending on your pocket.

4. DEWALT Sheet Palm Sander- Best For Less Vibration

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The first product on our today’s review comes from the DEWALT brand. DEWALT (DWE6411K) Sheet Palm Sander is an excellent tool to work on small and medium DIY projects. 

Therefore, if you want to do some little finishing or furnishing jobs, this sander with a dust collector is always ideal for such situations. This sander comes with a well-established canister that can collect up to 95 percent fine dust. 

It is also a versatile and powerful machine with a powerful motor of 2.3 amp sanding at 14000 OPM. The tool also features a rubberized grip that provides a comfortable and smooth control while operating. Besides, its advanced paper clamp is well-engineered to enhance excellent paper retention.

More so, this device’s dust-port system allows you to lock up the vacuum hose with a machine. The height of this tool is also reduced to enable you to access closer sanding work. It also comes with other elegant features like a rubber-dust boot to keep off the dust from entering the switch; this extends the switch’s lifespan. There is also a separate counterweight to reduce vibration, a foam pad ideal for the flatter-sanding plane.

The machine’s dust port also perfectly fits DWV012 or SWV010 dust collectors. The kit comes with DEWALT (DWE6411K) Sheet Palm Sander, a dust bag, a paper punch, and a carrying bag.

5. SKIL 5″ Random Orbital Sander –Best For Less Noise 

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Sometimes you don’t need an expensive orbital sander to achieve excellent finishing. Some sanders are pocket-friendly with high performance. The performance of this tool from the SKIL company is flawless. It comes with an advanced dust collection box responsible for collecting everything; nothing will be left behind. 

The dust box is also transparent to enable you to see the level of dust collected. Emptying and cleaning the dust box is also easy due to the “X-flow” dust collection technology. 

This helps you dispose of dust immediately. The box is full of higher performance. More so, SKIL 5″ (SR211601) Random Orbital Sander features variable speeds that require only pressure on it; the rate goes up. 

You may struggle to understand how the sander operates but can give you a finishing of your desires. The machine also produces less noise and vibration. Therefore, you will experience reduced noise and vibration when operating. 

Another incredible safety feature of this best dust-free sander is the availability of a soft rubberized grip and an ergonomic design to provide your hand with comfort. Besides, the counterweight balance is responsible for the reduction of hand fatigue, either. 

It is also a powerful machine with a motor of 2.8 amp motor sanding at 13,000 OPM. They can produce a positive result in various sanding applications. 

Moreover, you can use the tool comfortably and correctly to sand in intricate spaces due to the sander’s compact size. The machine can access all hard-to-reach corners easily. It also comes with an easy-to-use and control design when in tight spaces. 

6. Black And Decker Orbital Sander Vacuum Attachment (Random)

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Here is the last and best orbital sander for weekend warriors for upcoming projects. The tool is long-lasting, affordable, and efficient to handle a variety of sanding jobs. Working with a cheap sander but of high quality is impressive. Besides, BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander can serve you for an extended period. 

It is a palm sander with a vacuum attachment coming with a compact size to fit in your palm to enhance easy control perfectly. Its compactness also allows you to access all corners of your workspace, including the hard-to-reach ones. This orbit sander also comes with both a vacuum and dust bag but doesn’t increase the tool’s cost.

This means that you can have a clean working environment with this best professional orbital sander. However, if you fail to connect to a suitable vacuum, it can turn out to be a mess in the workshop. 

This tool is not massive, weighing only 3.16 pounds. Working with a heavy orbital sander is something that we all don’t expect. Beginners need a device that is lightweight for maneuverability and comfortability. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander possesses all these features to ensure you operate it with a lot of comforts.

The device is ideal for any occasional finishing applications. Some of the additional accessories that accompany the tool are a dust bag and three pcs of sandpapers.

7. TACKLIFE Random Orbit Sander- Best For Adjustable Speed 

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Here is another best random orbital sander under $100 that can also incredibly do all small to medium DIY jobs. This tool from TACKLIFE Company can be the right option. It is also suitable for both furnishing and small finishing tasks. TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander comes with an excellent dust container that is see-through and well-established.

The dust canister is transparent to give you a clear view of the level of dust collected. You will know when to dispose of the dust, unlike those sanders with thick-dust bags. More so, this dust canister can correctly manage up to 90% of the fine dust produced.

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful orbital sander, then TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander can be the right tool for you. Its motor is powerful with 3.0 Amps sanding at 13000 OPM; it can produce 13000 orbits in one minute. 

It also features six adjustable speeds that allow you to monitor the rate depending on your job.  

The tool also provides you with a clean workplace with an ergonomic and compact design. These features allow you to use the machine in hard-to-reach spaces comfortably. Besides, the ergonomic grip reduces fatigue; you will use the device for a long time with discomfort.

Other useful features like a palm press-down switch make the sander suitable for indoor work. It produces less noise and less vibration to enhance precise results. However, it is not ideal for drywall sanding because the dust will be too thin, blocking the dust collector.

Lastly, TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander comes with other essential accessories such as 12 Pcs sandpapers that extend the sander’s lifespan and help you achieve different applications like removing paint coatings from wood, plastic, metal, and other tight areas.

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Buying guide of Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment

Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment

It is essential to know what factors to consider in an orbital sander before making a final decision. Knowing the exact features you need will help you choose the best product. Therefore, below are some of the significant elements to guide you to get home with the Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment.

Dust collection 

These tools come with dust attachments, but they differ either through size or visibility. Some are transparent to give you a clear view of the dust level so that you dispose of it on time. On the other hand, we have some with hard-to-see dust bags but collect dust correctly. Therefore, it is you to make a choice depending on your preference.

But, I would advise you to go for those models with a transparent dust canister. You may also need a sander that you can easily connect to shop vac. Check its compatibility. An orbital sander with a random dust collection mechanism will give you a clean working environment. It will also save time that you could use to collect dust manually. 

Variable speed

Speed settings in a sander are a handy feature that will monitor the speed depending on your handling material. You will find different machines with varying speed variables in the market. Some may have two, five, six, and others don’t even have one. 

Therefore, it is advisable to buy an orbital sander with multiple speeds. Such a tool will give you a variety of functions and options to accomplish a particular finishing job. It will allow you to adjust the speed when handling different projects correctly. Therefore, buying a tool with variable speed will determine the power you need to perform a particular sanding task.

Safety and ergonomic features

Before choosing these tools, you need to understand that you will be using it for long hours. Therefore, it is good to inspect a device and see whether it has safety features like rubberized grip handles. Don’t buy just a sander; you will experience a worse sanding job with a low-class sander.

The rubberized grip will enhance comfortability by reducing fatigue. Also, try to inspect the location of the tool’s handles. Some tools feature more than one handle for maximum comfortability when handling a large piece of job. More so, a device with an excellent design will reduce both noise and vibration. 


Where do you want to use the tool? If it is in intricate places, then you need a lightweight orbital sander. If you’re going to use the device in an industrial setting, then go for a more massive sander. 

DIYers need a lighter tool for indoor sanding applications. Holding a massive device in hard-to-reach areas can be tiresome. Therefore, you need to consider this factor to access tight spaces. 


You need to ask yourself how powerful is the motor of the orbital sander you wish to buy. A machine with a powerful engine enhances maximum performance. Therefore, you should go for that model with the highest motor amps. Also, try to consider the machine’s Orbits per minute.

A standard orbit sander should not have less than 10000 OPM. Consider a tool with more than 12000 OPM; it is best when it comes to performance. Such tools will leave you with smooth and excellent finishing. Therefore, please don’t neglect this factor; it is crucial, depending on your daily sanding job type. If you are a DIYer, then a tool with 12000 OPM will be perfect for you.

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Frequently asked questions

I understand may the above reviews and buyer’s guides may not be clear to you. It happens so, if you still holding some doubts, let us drive the nail home with the following FAQs on the Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment.

When do I need to use my orbital sander?

These tools are essential in two major sanding jobs depending on the speed of your machine. These two occasions include; removing materials from a surface. This is the principal purpose of sanding tools to smoothen the surface or old varnish removal. Such jobs don’t need an orbital sander with higher speeds.

The second application of these sanders is fine finishing. It is a secondary purpose of these machines when you want to prepare a surface for painting. You need a tool with high speed to achieve an excellent and smooth surface. Here, you will have to use fine-grit paper. 

Why do I need an orbital sander with a vacuum attachment?

Vacuum attachments are essential for collecting dust produced by the machine. Tools with such attachments will give you a clean working environment. It will also save time that you could spend to collect dust manually. 

Why need a sander with variable speeds?

Orbital sander with multiple speeds will give you various functions and options to accomplish a particular finishing job. It will also allow you to control the speed when handling different projects excellently.


After carefully taking you through the above discussion on the Best Orbital Sander with Vacuum Attachment, I hope you now have a sander of your choice. Making a choice is never easy, mostly when you don’t have comprehensive knowledge of whatever you plan to buy. We understand that sometimes you may don’t have enough time to do your research, so let this report help you get the best option.

From the above top seven reviews, you will not lack an option because all the products are best depending on the type of your sanding job. Some are cheap but excellent, while others are premium. 

Get home with the best machine through the buyer’s guide. If you don’t have a choice yet, I suggest you go with Makita Random Orbit Sander Kit. Apart from being our topic, the machine is the best. 

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