Can You Use An Orbital Sander On Drywall? Answer with tutorial

If you plan to do some home renovations or painting, then an orbital sander can be the best tool for smoothening the surface before the painting process begins. Therefore the answer to the “Can you use an orbital sander on drywall?” question is YES. But, it would help if you chose a suitable orbital sander for drywall sanding.

This article will try to inform you whether to use the tool on drywall or not. Orbital sanders are handy and versatile tools that you only need knowledge on how to operate. An orbital sander is easy to use and lightweight, leaving you with a smooth surface for painting.

Using an orbital sander on drywall

Despite drywall sanding is not the exact purpose for an orbital sander, you can utilize it if you don’t have otherwise. The tool is versatile and can enable you to smoothen small drywalls. But, to get a smoother surface with this tool, you have to put less effort.

Also, if the sanding job is more extensive, then this is not the right option. You can use other tools to do so unless you want to spend the whole day sanding the area. More so, you will have to be careful when using the machine to avoid damages. Sometimes, even the finishing tool is demanding; it depends on your choice, reliability, availability, and experience.

If you choose to use an orbital sander on drywall, then you need to be cautious because the machine is so fast when drywall sanding. Sometimes you can use this tool without any assistance from an experienced contractor, but it is advisable to know how to operate the machine effectively. Doing so will guarantee you better results. 

You should prepare the drywall surface a day before sanding with an orbital sander. Sometimes you may not have enough time to use a thick layer of any joint compound. But on everyday occasions, you will have to apply several coatings before sanding. 

When using an orbital sander on drywall, put on safety glasses, a respirator, or a dust mask to enhance better breathing. Please don’t use the tool on unfinished drywall; it will destroy the surface. Remember, an orbital sander is suitable for sanding in small and closed rooms to prevent dust from flying around when rubbing. 

Therefore, it is advisable to cover open seams and door cracks, but don’t close the windows. More so, it would help if you chose sandpaper depending on the quality of the surface you want to get. If you wish finer grain particles, choose a grit paper with a higher number. On the other hand, coarser sandpaper will result in lowered grit numbers.

While sanding, don’t concentrate in one place; keep moving the tool to avoid damaging your sandpaper’s surface or ripping. You need to exert less pressure on the device and move slowly for a smooth and perfect finish. Move the orbital sander in circular, random motions. I think this is where the machine gets it the name “Random orbit.”

Man is Using An Orbital Sander On Drywall
Man is Using An Orbital Sander On Drywall

Final word

Despite being associated with leaving a smooth surface, an orbital sander is only ideal for several drywall sanding applications. These tools are suitable for sanding rough areas, patches or removing some old paints from the surface. I think you know you have an answer for “Can you use an orbital sander on drywall?” questions.

An orbital sander is a handheld tool that will force you to use a ladder to reach higher places.

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