Can You Cut Drywall With A Circular Saw? How To Cut Drywall

It sounds crazy when you hear other people claiming that you can cut drywall with a circular saw. When working with a circular saw, they are famous for producing loud sounds. This equipment is also dusty; when operating it, you should be cautious.  

If you know how to operate a circular saw, they are excellent at work. However, cutting drywall is not the exact purpose for circular saws, but they can perfectly have your job done if you have a comprehensive knowledge of the device’s functioning. It can save you time due to their high-performance feature.

What is a circular saw?

Before we get into an in-depth discussion, it is advisable to know what we want to discuss. Circular saws are powerful electronic devices with sturdy abrasive discs or toothed blades responsible for cutting. They come in various shapes, but professionals mostly prefer using handheld electric saws.

How to cut drywall with a circular saw?

These are not the machines that I can suggest for beginners. It needs those people with broad experience in operating the tool; they are useful, especially when handling daily drywall cutting jobs. These are the tools that you can use in the absence of the necessary machines. 

More so, circular saws are essential when the drywall you intend to work on is thicker than usual; you will strain to cut the wall with ordinary machines. The speeds of circular saws offer you a maximum drywall cutting speed enabling you to spend less time than everyday devices. 

You will produce a lot of drywall panels within a matter of time. These machines are suitable for projects requiring wall panels or roof installation in places where you need to make straight cuts. 

This type of cutting saws is powerful and can work on drywall effortlessly, like a knife cutting through butter. 

Cutting drywall

You can go through the following steps on how to cut drywall with a circular saw. The process is straightforward, involving only a few steps; it is a piece of cake.

  1. Use your measuring tape to take exact measurements on the place you want to cut.
  2. After taking measurements, mark the section you want to cut on the wall using a marker. Your marking must be precise and accurate to enable you to make perfects. This will prevent wastage and misfits. 
  3. Take your panel and place it on a flat surface or a workbench. Please put it in a suitable place to prevent slipping.
  4. As you know, the tool is dusty and associated with loud noise production; put on protective eye goggles and ear protection for your safety. The goggles will keep your eyes safe from debris, while ear protection will prevent the loud sound from damaging your ears drum.
  5. Check the machine’s blade lining, fix it to fit your markings
  6. Switch ON your machine and then start cutting slowly from any edge. You can pause after reaching in the middle, check whether the cutting is within the markings or not.

Frequently asked questions

Ques: What are the most common saws for cutting drywall?

The most common tools for cutting drywall include; drywall circle, jab saw, and utility knife being the most available.

Ques: Can I use circular saws to make circles on drywall?

No, circular saws are suitable for making straight cuts only. If you want to make straight cuts, you should use a keyhole saw, jab saw, or drywall saw.


Why cut drywall with a circular saw, yet there are specific tools for this task? Circular saws are versatile tools that can also have your job done correctly. Therefore, if you don’t have a utility knife or a jab saw, accomplish the job with a circular saw if it is available.

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