21 Tool Storage Ideas For Small Spaces- Organize Your Tools

This is the wish of every DIYer to organize and store their tools to save space properly. I thought you need some tool storage ideas for small spaces. Clever ways to organize your devices are also essential to allow you to access your tools quickly. Besides, a well-organized toolbox tends to prevent your tools from daily wear and tear. 

Seeing the storage solution of other people may stimulate your need for a brilliant tool storage system. DIYers like to assemble various tools for all sorts of DIY projects. So, there is a need to ensure that you have the necessary means for the current task. Go through the following ideas and organize your tools.

21 best tool storage ideas for small spaces

1. Use a Pull-Out Tie Rack

DIYers mostly use this tool storage idea for small spaces to store things like paint brushes and wrenches. The tool rack features hanging holes to allow you hang tools and easily get them. It will comfortably hold them in one place. To prevent them from hitting each other and unnecessary falls. 

For this reason, the lifespan of your DIY tools will be extended. The tool storage will also help you safely put away your narrow and long wrenches through the hanging holes’ aid. Since you can pull out the rack, it is a perfect way to keep some tools that you don’t use frequently. Remember, the tie rack is cheaper compared to peg board hooks for the same purpose.

2. Storage tip for a bench-top tool

This is one of the smartest tool storage ideas to store your small or vise bench-top tool. You will get these tools right at your place whenever you need them without cluttering the workbench. As a DIYer, you can make this tool shelf yourself by building a slide-in base for mounting the vise. 

Storage bench top
Storage bench top

This unit will slide back in an upside-down, out of your way. Try to countersink holes beneath the base to enable you to recess the mounting washers and nuts. Your workbench will be neat but with accessible tools. It would be best if you had this tool shelf to reduce unnecessary movements in the garage. The tool storage is ideal for storing things like table saw among others in any garage.

3. Use a storage cubby for your garden tools

This is another tool storage idea that you can build yourself for storing your garden tool storage. It is handy, enabling you to access your tools quickly whenever the need arises. The tool organization idea will ensure that you quickly get the right tool for the current project. Besides, garage tool will be right where you might need them. 

Garden Storage shade
Garden Storage shade

It reduces hassles that you might face when trying to access a particular tool in a garage for a specific task. It is an excellent storage idea also to reduce the chances of losing a garden tool storage. Try out this method, and thank me later.

4. Keep pointed tools in one place using a foam ball

It is a convenient tools storage for keeping tipped tools within easy reach. Make 5/8-inch holes via a few 5- or 4-inch plywood foam craft balls (you can get them in any craft store). Get the skewer and stick them together using construction adhesive. 

Make the bracket more convenient with a suitable height; insert the foam balls before loading. This tool storage idea can help you store things like; a drill press, spade and router bits, screwdrivers, paint brushes, awls, Allen wrenches, pencils, and X-Acto knives. This heavy-duty method will make sure that your hand tools stay in one place. Besides, it will keep you off from walking around the garage with instruments in pockets.

5. Panpipe for storing easily-get-lost tools

Some people compare this yard tool storage technique with Greek Mythology Pan Flute. Of course, some tools tend to get lost easily; panpipe is the perfect cleat system for such cases. Lose no more tools like chisels, pencils, files, hobby knives, miter saws and scroll saw blades.

On the other hand, you should try using PVC cement for joining pieces of PVC pipe. The parts should be about 1¼ from side to side, forming a panpipe design. Add ½-inch PVC pipe pieces on the Flute’s front for storing skinner tools in a garage. Construct a simple case around pipe pieces, building a back and a floor for hanging on the shop’s wall.

6. New angle for small spaces

Have a look at this storage idea for customizing space in your garage or home. You can make this tool storage solutions kit for yourself, right at home. You only need to find a suitable place on the workbench or wall. Fix any slotted angle iron (should about 2 feet long and 2 inches wide). 

new angle  for small spaces
new angle for small spaces

You can find this angle iron in your backyard; utilize it when you find one. This technique can correctly hold tools like bits, screwdrivers, sanding drums, safety glasses, and many others. Since the method has single tools, wear and tear will be reduced.

7. Utilize long-handled tool rack for small space

This is the most robust, most straightforward, and compact rack you can build for your tools’ safety. Is another excellent garden tool storage ideas for a small space that allows you to keep unused devices safely? Doing so will clear the workspace, leaving you an expansive room for other projects. 

long handle storage
long handle storage

A well-organized garage always tells how professional you are. Some people will also take you seriously as a result of neatness around your working place. Therefore, this tool rack can help comfortably store rakes, sledgehammers, shovels, and other long-handled tools. 

The technique helps you conveniently get them out of your way when not in use. Remember, this unit can hold a maximum of 14 items. This creates more storage capacity and flexibility than pounding nails on the wall.

8. Using tool-Apron storage- behind the door

I don’t think you ever thought that tool-aprons could act as tool storage facilities to customize space. Yes, they can help you keep away some tools from your small area. I thought you should know that you can modify or twist these tool aprons to store some household items. 

apron tool storage
apron tool storage

However, you should be careful with the heights of the apron’s pockets. More so, you should check on the number of the bag. Remember, you can sew multiple pocket widths on the aprons and mount them behind the back of the door. 

You can screw wood strips from the top of an individual apron to a door. However, this might be different if you have hollow-core doors. You will need the help of hollow anchor fasteners for firmly holding the screws to your door. 

9. Toolbox Liner

Here is the best tool storage idea to prevent your tools from slipping offs. I hope you know that any rubbery shelf liner can work well in toolboxes, yes, but there is a substitute that can correctly hold your tools in place. An excellent toolbox liner packages your tools organized. 

Fit and cut into pieces nonslip rug mat for a specific drawer before loading your tools. It is essential in keeping the tools from sliding. Besides, it consumes a little space, hence creating some more room for other activities. 

There are various toolbox liners in the market that you can choose for your drawer. Use this technique to store your tools and customize space in your place.

10. Eyeglass-case hardware for small tool storage

This tool storage idea for small space looks simple, but it works. My dad has multiple eyeglass cases in his drawer that he doesn’t use. These cases are old, but I didn’t know why he chose to keep them until I learned that they could store small tools. 

Yes, I am using a few of them for storing my small DIY tools like bits, drills, and screws. I did repurposing, and nowadays, you will think I am carrying a mere eyeglass case, but they are my small tools. Using this pocket toolbox is simple as you can stick it in your shirt pocket. 

Drop it in the main toolbox when through with work. It is the most suitable way of storing my small tools than walking around with a heavy tool apron.

11. Use an air-tool station to store hoses and tools

Let us check on another tool storage idea for a small space that involves 2- ½-gallon buckets. Where and how do you store your air compressors and hoses? Screw a ¾-inch plywood shelf in the bucket, creating two different storage shelves. 

Use screws or washers to mount the bucket on the wall. Load your mounted-storage bucket with nails, tire pressure gauges, nailers, among other accessories. The next thing is to coil your hose around the bucket. Tell me why this not a brilliant tool storage idea to save some space in your workspace.

12. Wire shelving to store power tools

This is another essential technique that you can use to customize space in your garage. It is a perfect method for storing any power tool. Besides, this mechanism can help you safely store power tools with their cords (if available).

Wire storage shelves make sure that the tools are organized, which is one way of creating more storage space in your workplace. There are usually small parts in these power tools that might hinder them from staying flat on a typical shelf.

The storage shelves can comfortably accommodate the power tools’ features in the shelf spaces. Some of the parts that tend to fit in the shelf spaces include; blades and drill bits end. You can do this by removing a section in wire shelving to create more storage shelves. 

13. Tool tote for hand tools

This another tip for storing your hand tools in an easy-to-access way. Keep the tools in this portable pine carton to widen storage space. It is just 16-inch for maneuverability and saves some space. You can build it using the right measurements of pine board, plywood, and oak dowel. 

Tool tote
Tool Tote Photo by kitliz from flickr.com

Tool tote spares you from forgetting hand tools in the garage. You will not have to go back, pick a device like a blade, bit, nail, or wrench from the garage tool. Move around with all your hand tools using this tool storage technique.

Accumulating your hand tools will probably reduce space consumption and enhance flexibility.

14. Hang chargers

Sometimes DIYers experience space shortage with a lot of chargers and other accessories scattered everywhere. This space-saving tool organization ideas involves hanging chargers to clear them from your work area. 

Locate a suitable place, always near a charging station for easy plug-in. Hanging the charger in such a business will make it accessible whenever you want to charge your cordless tools. It is a convenient way to store tools not only for easy accessibility but also customizes space in your work area.

You can hang the chargers on your shelf, making them handy but away from the top of your workbench. 

15. Construct a narrow shelf for spray paint

Building a narrow shelf will help you store your spray paint. A good number of DIY tasks require multiple tools kept in tall thin bottles and cans (glue, glaze, spray paint, etc.). Storing these cans on a standard shelf may become challenging because they get pushed so easily. 

You can build the narrow shelf under your workbench, a place between your legs. Installing such a place to store tools will get the above devices out of your way, but still, they are easily accessible. Don’t let spray paint cans and glue bottles scatter in your working area.

16. Use a front bar of wire shelves to store spray bottles 

Here is another significant tool storage idea that allows you to store spray bottles on a round pole. I hope you still remember how a wire shelf works. This is another benefit of wire shelves. 

It is possible to utilize the front bar of a wire shelf to hang your spray bottles. Since spray bottles tend to slide off standard shelves, this technique will help you reduce disturbances and create some room in your work area. 

If you don’t have wire shelves, use any round tube, i.e., PVC pipe, clothes rod, wooden dowels, curtain rod, and copper plumbing tube. 

17. Organize nails and screws by size

Let us look at another space-saving tool storage idea that can help you create more space in your work area. It is advisable to use storage bins with labels. It is a perfect method to organize tools and are easily accessible.

Sometimes you may experience a mismatch in screws and nails as a result of mixing them.  Where do you store the leftover nails and screws after a separate hob? So, organizing these tools based on their size can reduce mismatches. You will end up leaving them on the workbench because you don’t know storage bins to drop. Let this tool storage idea help you customize your workspace.

18. Use painting gear hangout

Painting gear hangout is among the best tool storage ideas that will incredibly have your tools in one place. It involves organizing your scrapers, paint brushes, rag, paint cans, miter saws, and roller frames. Its operation is simple, and you can build it right at your garage. 

The materials that you will require are 1×8 board and metal brackets. You need to attach them using screws before mounting them under your shelf or on the wall. Furthermore, mount this shelf on a basement or shop wall to enhance orderly storage. Try to use this space-saving idea for your small space.

19. Space-Saving Sliding Shelves

Sliding bypass and rollout shelves can make an excellent tool organization ideas for saving space in your work area. It is efficient as it only uses your garage’s sidewalls. Remember, a well-built sliding shelf can 50% more space for storing long-handled tools. construct some hooks to hang your tools like hose pipes and saw blades.

sliding tools storage
Sliding tools storage photo by popularwoodworking.com

More so, these space-saving storage shelves will also hold tools that tend to take much of your space. You only need to slide out the bracket and access your devices. For this reason, the room in your garage will be customized. 

20. Hang clamps

Clamps are useful for all DIY projects and are the clever tool storage ideas for space customization. Hanging clamps on the block of wood or shelf sides can spare you from disorganized clamps in the work area. These clamps are only practical and useful when they are easily accessible. Sometimes you can even equip the tool holder with hooks to hook your tools.

To achieve this, you need an edge of the shelf to enhance ample storage. This cleat system is the simplest way of saving space in tour workplace. This clever tool storage will automatically make the clamps available when needed, keeping the room. Remember, you can use leftover wood blocks screwed on the wall. 

21. Use magnetic tool holder with steel sheet metal

The last option is one of the clever ways for tool storage that involves magnets on a sheet metal piece with magnetic tool holder materials. You can use this storage solution to store your drill bits and screwdriver correctly. You only need to install steel sheet metal either on a shelf or on a wall.

You will have a lot of space to keep your screwdrivers and drill bits. Sometimes you may also use a magnetic tool holder strip to clear your place from new drill and screwdriver bits. Remember, you can also glue a piece of magnet on the bottom or back of low-sized plastic containers for extra storage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you organize tools in a small space?

There is always a need to customize space either in the garage tool, garage or even at home. So, to organize your tools, you should start by customizing the storage pieces, making them fit the available space. The first tool organization ideas is to build your workbench; don’t buy it because it is not as effective as a human-made garage. 

There is always a need to customize space either in the garage tool, garage or even at home. So, to organize your tools, you should start by customizing the storage pieces, making them fit the available space. The first tool organization ideas is to build your workbench; don’t buy it because it is not as effective as a human-made garage. 

A human-made tool holder will allow you to built some storage spots to stores your specific tools. More so, constructing a tool cabinet can be the smartest method to optimize the available vertical surface you wish to spare. 

Another clever way for tool organization ideas is to use toolbox liners with nonslip rug mats in a garage. This technique will hold your tools in one place, sparing some time. Furthermore, grouping is another incredible space-saving tool storage technique that involves keeping devices together. This also consists of sorting the tools based on either power tools, small-handled tools, etc.

How do you make storage in small spaces?

Well, there are multiple ways to organize storage in small spaces easily. Pieces that can work well in various forms are always excellent for customizing space. Build shelves in your workplace to store some tools that might not be in use. Doing so will also clear the way for a relaxed working environment.

It is possible even to build shelves under the workbench to keep your hand tools. This means that the workbench will be multipurpose. You can also hang racks to maximize both storage and light capacity. Hang the racks or shelves across windows for storing kitchen utensils like pots, pans, etc.

You can use simple storage techniques like using eyeglass cases to store small hand tools like screwdrivers. Additionally, try to organize tools like nails and screws by size to create some more room. 

How do I organize my tools DIY?

Choose a suitable place where to put away them. Hang tools on a flat board on the wall to organize the tools. Also, arrange the tools based on their purposes, functions, power tools, etc. It will enable easy access to them when needs arise. 

What is the best tool storage system?

Use a pegboard to organize tools, either as woodworking and metalwork tools separately. 

The best tool storage system should be able to keep the tools safe from wear and tear. Besides, it should make sure that the devices are easily accessible when needed. For automobiles, the Elfa storage system can make one of the perfect tool organization ideas for any car. It is heavy-duty to serve you for some years. 


Here, we are. You now have some useful tool storage ideas for small spaces; the report provides 21 views. But,  there are many other saving ideas that you can use to customize space in your small-spaced garage. 

Your tools will always be efficient and useful when they are safe and easily accessible. Properly organizing your devices will not only save some space but also extend their lifespan. Try any of the above tool storage techniques to have a clean and spacious working environment. 

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