What Does Fender Rolling Do?

Are you fond of updating your car frequently or its handling for the most efficient functioning? If yes, then you would have noticed that the major reason for your tire’s puncture is not because of the course road but only your car. Upgrading your car initiates with upgrading your car’s wheels that can surely improve the look of your car too. After changing your tire, you are extremely contented and wanted to show off the new look of your car to your buddies. Right?

But as you crossed the distance, with every coming bump of the road, the internal agony is raising realizing the very important factor that you’ve forgotten. Were you planning a long journey with your friends, but you end up wondering where does that terrible sound coming from? Agreed? This is a wake-up call, that you are missing something important. Before you end up destroying your new tires, you should look for the main cause.

Have you ever noticed that the space between the tires and the fenders should be enough to not being rubbed and destroyed? Yes, the actual reason is rubbing the fenders to your newly updated tires due to the lack of space. Before destroying your tires or wheels completely, you should consider buying a fender roller. Do you have any idea what does fender rolling does? No? Let’s figure this out together.

What is the purpose of Fender Rolling?

Do you even know what fender rolling is? Fender is a quick, easy, and convenient way to get precious extra space to perfectly fit your backup wheels and pneumatics. Sometimes, the difference between a terrible screen and a completely cleaned mudguard can just be just a few millimeters extra distance from the fender.

In an ideal world, you plan to purchase bicycles or not yet, and you are here to prepare for the next steps. But that’s not always the case, and we must learn the hard way sometimes. I hope your tires will not be damaged yet and even your wheels in some extreme cases. It might sound tragic if there is a problem, so note it right before the problem gets worst and it is too late.

There are many ways to overcome the problem mentioned above, a few of them are discussed in this article including fender rolling. One way to get more room is to remove panels from the display. A different approach is to cut or straighten screens, even if they are not risk-free. You are likely to have to take your car to cover exposed metal for a paint job and risk damaging the strength of the screen.

The next step is the most popular option to scroll through the screen. The fender roller moves the L-shaped lip of the screen away from the tires by rolling it in a V shape or flattening it completely, to make them look more aggressive. Some riders even choose to enlarge their screens to give them an entirely new arc. The screen rolling is carried out with a screen roller, a heat gun, and an IR thermometer. This mechanism should be carried out by a professional and expert mechanic, one who can carry the process as an expert. 

Is it worth it if I roll my fenders?

If it is done by professionals with the right equipment (if your store uses a baseball bat, find a new store) it is completely safe and even safer to roll up your screens if you have an aggressive fit or are lowered. But if your car has ever had an accident and has been repaired with a body, be careful when the screens and side panels move and bend when rolling.

Body fillers usually rip and loosen the bond from the metal as the screens roll. Experienced mechanics often report that this happens when a car has been painted incorrectly and the filling pipe cannot keep its connection to the metal car. So, if your car has never been in a wreck, it is quite safe to have your screens rolled professionally.


After knowing the purpose and what fender rolling does, you can never let your car’s quality get down. Right? We suggest you not ignore the dramatic sound that your car produces, there might some problems. Before you end up your journey with a car having destroyed tires and wheels, you should take a note. Also, the mentioned step is sometimes worth it when you customize your car, it would be great if you cut off the fender’s lip. If rolling the lip isn’t possible, the only option left is shaving it to save your tires.

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