How to remove spray paint from hands? 4 Easy Method

Painting can be really fun and exciting if you have good company. Also, it is not a complicated task. You just have to learn the basic rules of painting and you can start painting your home without any professional guidance. But what about the paint mess on your hands while you spray paint your car, house wall, or any surface? We know this can be a troublesome thought for you. Don’t worry, we penned down a detailed guide on how to remove spray paint from hands.

Removing spray paint from hands might seem a complex procedure but it is not as complex as it seems with us because we came up with methods that are completely safe and do not require any fancy items. Let’s have a little sneak peek. You can use nail polish remover, paint thinner, alcohol, and olive oil to remove spray paint from hands. To get the detailed step-by-step procedure, read till the end.

Methods: How to Remove spray paint from hands

Here is the list of methods that you can use to remove spray paint from your hands.

Method # 1: Nail polish remover

Nailpolish remover

The first method we will be using to remove nail polish from your hands is nail polish remover. Nail polish remover includes acetone which can break the particles of spray paint and you can easily remove it from your hands. To remove the spray paint off your hand, take a little piece of cotton and add an appropriate amount of nail polish remover to it. Now, rub the cotton on the spray paint area. After rubbing, wash your hands with water and stop thoroughly.

Method # 2: Paint thinner

Paint thinner to remove spray paint

The second method we are going to talk about is the paint thinner. If you have hard paint stains on your hand and in excess amount then paint thinner is the ultimate solution for you. This method also works the same way as nail polish remover but with more efficiency. Chemicals in paint thinner break the hard particles of paint so you can easily rinse with water to completely remove it.

Take a piece of cloth or some cotton and apply some paint thinner over it. Or you can also apply paint thinner to the places of paint on your hands. Now, rub it until the spray paint starts to come off. Once the spray paint starts getting fade, you can wash your hands with soap and water.

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Method # 3: Alcohol

If you are unable to use nail polish remover or paint thinner due to some allergic reasons, you can go with the option of alcohol as it also includes acetone and can break the spray paint particles. Alcohol is also a very effective method to remove spray paint from hands as the chemical ingredients of alcohol are stronger than paint chemicals so the spray paint loses its stronghold on your hands.

Take a small ball of cotton, dip it in the alcohol and rub it on your hand till it starts to come off. Keep rubbing until all the paint is removed. After using alcohol, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to avoid any reaction.

Method # 4: Olive oil

Olive oil paint remover

If you are looking for a natural method without involving any chemicals to remove spray paint from your hands then olive oil is the best way for you. Hard paint is difficult to remove so you can use a little olive oil to rub it on your hands to make your hand and paint moist. After the paint gets moist, you can easily remove it by washing your hands.

Frequently asked questions of remove paint from hand:

What are some other materials to remove spray paint from hands?

Other than the above-mentioned materials, you can use mayonnaise, coconut oil, coffee grounds, baking soda, dish soap, and a toothbrush to remove spray paint from your hands.

Are spray paints permanent?

Spray paints can get permanent when they completely dry off so you should be careful while working with spray paint.

Is spray paint bad for your skin?

Spray paints can prove to be bad for you if you are allergic to chemicals included in the paints. They can cause irritation or skin burn.


Since you have gone through detailed methods of how to remove spray paint from hands, we hope your paint problem must be solved. All you have to do is carefully follow all the steps for an effective and productive result. Spray paint is not a very big deal that could not get of your hands, you just have to use the right technique and things. Most of the time, spray paint will easily wash away with a good quality soap but if it does not, you can use the above methods.


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