Top 10 Best Cordless Nail Gun Reviews

Nowadays, you can see carpenters smile when using nail guns than hammers. Also, how do you feel when using a nail gun without big rolls of wires? Using the best cordless nail gun can prevent you from such hassles when doing your everyday activities.

Using these devices will give you a fantastic working experience. The tools are also ergonomic and lightweight, enabling you to work for an extended period without any discomfort.  Also, these tools will have your job done flawlessly in a struggle-free manner. You will spend less time with a nail gun than with a manual hammer.

You will find different types of nail guns and brands with varying cordless guns in the market that may confuse you when deciding. Making a choice is not accessible without a comprehensive discussion on whatever you plan to buy. Therefore, this article will equip you with useful information to guide you when purchasing the best cordless gun from the market.

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Editors Choice:top 3 best cordless nail gun reviews and comparison table

ImageProduct NameRatingsPrice
Porter cable battery powered nail gun Porter cable battery powered nail gun
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DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit
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Ryobi Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer Ryobi Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer
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Let us have a look at these top ten cordless nail gun reviews.

1. Porter cable battery powered nail gun- Best For DIY Project

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If you plan to buy the cordless nail gun one of these fine days, then the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless nail gun may be your perfect choice. It grabs the first position on our list due to its elegant features. You don’t need gas cartridges or an air compressor to work on a project with this device.

The tool operates with a battery; what you only need to do is to recharge the device. Also, it has an incredible nail sinking power that you will never find in any other model. Its consistent nail-firing energy will not go unnoticed, thanks to the manufacturer for the tool’s ability. 

Furthermore, this battery powered commercial nail gun machine features various tool-free settings to enhance maximum productivity. Besides, these settings make the tool user-friendly; you will operate it with a lot of ease. More so, the agency is hassle-free through its jam release, depth adjustment, and tool-free release. 

The depth adjustment makes the tool more powerful to countersink 18 gauge nails consistently quickly. It comes with an easy-to-carry design to enable you to maneuver around with it easily. Also, the tool features LED lights to illuminate the work area. Its lock mechanisms prevent you from sinking nails inadvertently when moving around with your device from one job to the other.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless nail gun is compatible with 18-gauge 5/8-2 inches brad nails. Its nail magazine can host up to 100 pins, not heavy. Also, its sequential nail sinking makes it ideal for trimming, crown molding, etc. 

 The Brad Nail gun Kit comes with a 1.5Ah battery that can serve you for not less than three hours. This battery is just fine for all DIY projects; this tool is straightforward, and loading is easy. Above all, the device comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Why did we like it?

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless nail gun comes with an ergonomic design that enables you to work for long hours without discomfort. Also, the rate at which the tool sinks nails is impressive. We also like its 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. This allows you to return the instrument to the seller when you feel complications within three years. 

2. DEWALT MAX Cordless Brad Nail gun- best battery powered nail gun

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DEWALT Company is another famous company for making high-quality products. This DEWALT Dewalt battery powered framing nail gun kit comes with a lightweight and compact design to enable you to work in intricate areas. Besides, storage and portability will remain a story with this model.

Sometimes working in hard-to-reach places might be a problem, but this model is a piece of cake. It achieves that through its angled or small head. The tool is battery-powered, eliminating the need for gas, hose, and compressor. This Cordless Brad Nail gun can accommodate any DEWALT 20V MAX chemistries.

This best nail gun operates with 18-gauge brads starting from 5/8-2-1/8 inches. The device comes with a charger and 2Ah battery power to sustain you the whole day. The 2Ah Lithium-ion battery can survive for not less than three hours in a continuous operation. More so, the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nail gun features tool-free depth settings for countersinking brads easily.

The tool-free setting is responsible for contact or sequential actuation models. Moreover, this brad nail gun features incredible LED lights that provide both tool diagnostic and workspace illumination. 

The machine doesn’t care about the type of jobs you are handling. It is powerful to tackle all sorts of jobs, small and large tasks, with cordless freedom but pneumatic power.

Its design is also ergonomic to keep you off from any fatigue while working. On top of that, the tool provides long runtime through its brushless motor for maximum productivity. Therefore, this is something to depend on for all types of DIY applications.

Furthermore, the tool’s balancing is meticulous, making it convenient when used. Sometimes you may decide to boost its power by buying a 5Ah battery to improve overall feel and balance. Above all, DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nail gun features a low-nail lockout that prevents unwanted marks or dry firing on your work material.

Why did we like it?

Unlike pneumatic nail guns, this device is cordless and automatic. It has LED lights that illuminate the workplace and tell you the status of your battery. The outstanding feature of this Brad nail gun is the brushless motor that enhances the long runtime. Its power and durability will also impress you for maximum productivity. 

Its battery is also powerful to serve for more than two hours in a continuous operation. Lastly, I like its ergonomic design and an extra small tip to enable you to work in hard-to-reach places.

3. RYOBI Lithium-Ion cordless brad nailer reviews – Also Great

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Brad nail guns are the most utilized tools by many users, and that is why RYOBI P320 Airstrike One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nail gun grabs the third position on our list today. Its ultra-satisfying features make the tool more powerful and loved by many people. 

Since it is a brad nail gun, it perfectly works with brad nails of sizes from 5/8 to 2 inches. This cordless brad nailer is suitable for both professional carpenters and DIYers. More so, sometimes the gunshots of your brad nail gun may experience some misfires producing damaged nails, a common problem when using low-class brad nail guns. 

This machine keeps you off from such issues through its dry-free lockout feature that increases the overall massive task.

Another incredible feature of this model is its adjustable drive shift. Using a nail gun that gives you nail sinking options is fantastic; the tool provides you with various firing modes to choose from. There would be single shots or bump fires. Therefore, with RYOBI P320 Airstrike One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nail gun, you can decide how you wish to nail with this device.

Sometimes you may be just about to finish a project, and you end up with an empty nail magazine; it is disgusting. This model solves such petty issues through its low-nail indicator to allow you easily and quickly load the magazine. On top of that, this machine features an onboard dial that prevents fiddling with unnecessary materials.

You need a tool that develops some confidence in the place and material you are handling. Its inbuilt LED-lighting illuminates the workplace and material you are nailing. Unfortunately, the device comes without a battery, but it is dependable. 

Why did we like it?

The most exciting feature of this tool is its low-nail indicator. It will notify you through LED lighting to enable you to reload the magazine.  It also comes with other elegant features like an adjustment dial to customize air pressure to enhance maximum results. Its cordless design also offers both superior and convenient performance. We found this one of the top cordless nail guns for framing that you can choose for your project.

4. NuMax Pneumatic Full Round Head Framing Nail gun – lightweight nail gun

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NuMax is another big company famous for prioritizing its customers through the production of suitable products. NuMax SFR290 Pneumatic is one of their Nail gun that comes with an ergonomic design. Its comfortable non-slip grip enables you to use the tool without fatigue. Also if you are especially looking for a nail gun for fencing around the house, then this tool is ideal for you.

Despite its position on our list, the tool works similarly to the above cordless nail guns. If you have a question in mind that what is the lightest framing nail gun then numax pneumatic full round head framing nail gun is the solution. It is lightweight to enable you to carry it easily. The most exciting story about this tool is its cost. It is less expensive, making it affordable to even people with a fixed budget. 

More so, the Numax Framing nail gun features bump-fire chemistry and tool-less depth adjustment to offer you higher efficiency. The nail gun also provides a super classy air ventilation technology plus.  

Its no-mar tip also extends the lifespan of the tool. This feature also makes the tool powerful and versatile; you can use it to work on various material surfaces. 

Apart from framing, you can also utilize the tool in subfloors installation, roof decking, sheathing projects, and wood fencing. Besides, the nail gun is suitable for both home DIYers and professional constructors. 

It is also a durable and high-quality framing nail gun made from sturdy materials. Moreover, it comes with a 1-years warranty from the manufacturer; please return it to the seller when you experience some malfunctions. 

Why did we like?

Some people may wish to own a nail gun, but the cost drives them away. The Numax Framing Nail guns come with lower prices to enable even those with a fixed budget to acquire one. 

Also, its grip is comfortable enough to prevent you from fatigue. Lastly, the device features a no-mar tip to extend its lifespan and increase productivity.

5. Valu-Air Degree 3 ½-inch Full Round Head Framing Nail gun

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Valu is a new name on our list but with the best product. Valu-Air Full Round Head Framing Nail gun embraces reasonable durability, versatile functional, and improved features. Therefore, you can do fastening, framing, and decking with this model. 

This nail gun has an extended lifespan due to heat-treated drive material. It also features a tool-free depth adjustment enabling it to work on different materials. The most incredible feature of this model is the die-cast aluminum body for durability portability.

Furthermore, the device also comes with a non-slip grip that prevents slip-offs and provides you with comfort while holding it. You can use this framing nail gun to perform various tasks like framing floors, walls, roofs, wall sheathing, and subflooring. 

It features a 21 Degree Full Round Head compatible with 2″ and 3 1/2 –inch nails with 0.113″-0.148″ shank diameter (plastic and wire collated). The cordless coil siding nailer also comes with an inbuilt discriminatory single trigger giving you an option to use unnecessary bump fire mode. 

Why did we like it?

How do you feel when using a nail gun that embraces reasonable durability, versatile functional, and improved features? Valu-Air Full Round Head Framing nail gun achieves all to ensure that it has a full working experience. Its single discriminatory trigger also gives an option to decide whether to use bump fire mode or not.

6. PORTER-CABLE MAX Finish Nail gunBest For LED Feature

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The Porter-Cable company is another famous name in the industry due to its powerful and long-lasting accessories. One of their recent product is the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Finish Nail gun. The machine being a 16-gauge, your nailing task will be super easy.

This best cordless finish nailer features a straightforward design, ideal-sized nail magazine, and battery-powered. These features will enable you to work without any hassles. It is also compatible with a 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery that allows it to run for an extended period. This battery gives you a chance to nail more than one magazine per charge.

The most exciting fact about this Finish Nail gun is its capability to accommodate 100 nails. The most compatible nails with this tool are 1″ and 2.5 inches. More so, the model features a fantastic motor design that provides the machine with constant firing power to different climates and materials. 

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Finish Nail gun can comfortably work on various materials like crown moldings, baseboards, cabinet assembly, etc. Besides, this Finish Nail gun features varying tool-free settings to increase productivity and enhance your safety while working. 

To be sure of the workspace and the material you are handling, this nail gun has inbuilt LED lighting for workspace illumination. The LEDs are also useful in an error indication. 

The device’s weight is also suitable for maneuverability.  It weighs only about3.6 pounds to let you handle it with a lot of comforts. Again, this model comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. So, if you find any issue with the limit, you can return for a replacement or refund. 

Why did we like it?

A remarkable fact of this Finish nail gun that needs appreciation is its exciting motor design. This feature assures you constant firing power to varying climatic conditions as well as materials. I am also in love with its Dual LED lightings that notify you of errors and workspace illumination. Its weight and various tool-free settings increase productivity and enhance user safety.

7. VonHaus 18v Cordless Brad Nail gunBest For Both Outdoor and Indoor (Cheap)

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If you are looking for the best cordless brad nailer gun or stapler to work on light DIY projects, then VonHaus 18v Cordless Nail Gun/Brad Nail gun is the answer. This tool is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications and is suitable for all people. 

The model Nail gun comes with an ergonomic design that gives you the necessary convenience. It has a double soft grip to enable you to work for a long time without feeling fatigued. It will provide you with maximum comfort to increase productivity. In short, this nail gun is intuitive as well as comfortable to use.

Another great news about this model is its price; it is relatively cheaper to enable all to acquire one. Therefore, regardless of your pocket, you can still afford this tool and have your job done correctly. More so, reloading the magazine of the device is a piece of cake. 

Furthermore, VonHaus 18v Cordless Nail Gun/Brad Nail gun is compatible with common types of staplers (500×3/4 inches) and brad nails (500×1 inches). This feature makes it suitable for light DIY jobs like carpet fitting, Fabrics, Upholstery, underlay, roofing, etc.

 Moreover, the tool features an adjustable impact control that makes it convenient for use. Another exciting feature of this device is the anti-jam mechanism to enhance uninterrupted nailing.

Why did we like it?

You will like the device’s anti-jam mechanism that promotes uninterrupted nailing. Its ergonomic double soft-grip is another feature to appreciate to reduce fatigue while working. Other features like selectable impact control make the device more convenient. Lastly, I like its easy-to-use design that doesn’t need a lot of knowledge. 

8. DEWALT Cordless Framing Nail gun- Best for framing & trimming

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DEWALT is a big name that you should not underrate its products in the market. The company knows how to play the game in the outcome of power tools and their accessories. Here is their work on the list with necessary features that you may expect to get from the so-called high-class nail gun. 

It is a framing tool, but its brushless engine design and motor enable it to sink 3 ½ nails quickly. Its magazine can accommodate up to 55 collated nails; it is lightweight. Also, its bump operating and sequential nail sinking make it ideal for trimming and crown molding.

How do you feel when you get a tool that accepts various nail sizes?  This DeWalt cordless nail gun enables you to achieve that. It operates with 20 Volts battery without the workload and an 18V for nominal voltage. 

With these volts, you will be able to use the machine for an extended period. The device also has Dual speed responsible for optimizing its motor for varying nail lengths 

 More so, when working with a low-class nail gun, you may experience nail jams but not with this handy device from the DEWALT company. Even if you experience such an issue with this model, it is easy to access the nails, causing jams. You will spend little time doing so, allowing you to spend much of your time working. 

Why did we like it?

The nail gun has essential features like dual-speed responsible for optimizing its motor for various nail lengths. Its brushless motor makes the device powerful enough to sink three ½-inch nails. Bump operating and sequential modes make the tool ideal for both heavy and light DIY jobs.

9. Hitachi Cordless Brushless Framing Nail gun- Best for fencing

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Another cordless framing nail gun eliminates the need for dirty hoses, gas cartridges, and loud compressors. Hitachi NR1890DR 18V Cordless Brushless Plastic Strip has a drive system with a superior air spring to increase productivity.

This feature makes the tool operate similarly to a pneumatic nail gun. But, the only difference between the two sides is their designs. This tool comes with easy-to-use features for maneuverability. There is no need to walk around with rolls of wires. In short, the agency will give you cordless freedom with pneumatic power.

Furthermore, this nail gun operates with compressed air that aids in driving each nail. This ensures there is zero ramp-up time to increase the driving speed. Also, the model features a brushless motor that extends its performance. You will never get this driving power from other nail guns. 

Being a cordless nail gun, it uses a 3Ah Lithium-Ion battery that is compact and lightweight. Batteries for these handy tools should not be bulky to enhance portability. The battery is 0.75-inch shorter compared to other models. Therefore, the battery size of this tool is just sufficient for your DIY applications.

More so, the tool has a transition between bump fire and sequential modes that improves this device’s performance when you need to do rapid nailing. This feature makes the instrument suitable for any framing jobs. 

But it works explicitly better on punch-out applications to enhance quick in-and-out activities. The Nail gun achieves this with fewer struggles producing professional results.

Its 21 degrees magazine of this Nail gun can roughly hold not less than 35 collated plastic strip fasteners. These plastic strips range from 2″-3 ½ inches in length. Above all, you can drive not less than 400 nails with this model.

Why did we like it?

The device features a unique actuation switch support transitions between the transition between bump fire and sequential modes. This feature improves the performance of the tool and makes it more convenient. If you are such a lazy DIYer, this is your perfect choice because it needs little maintenance. 

The most incredible fact about this Nail gun is its lightweight and compact design. These two features enable you to store the tool quickly and carry it without hassle. 

10. Hitachi Pneumatic 2-inch-3 ½-inch Framing Nail gun 

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The final product on our today’s discussion is the Hitachi Pneumatic nail gun that has lithium ion battery for the highest battery power. Its performance is also outstanding. Let not its position hinder you from testing the version of the device. What you should do is that this nail gun is pricier but will not disappoint you.

What you pay for is what you will get. It works incredibly, just like the above nine nail guns. Unlike the Numax framing nail gun, this model features an upgraded actuation mode making the tool ideal for professionals. This feature will allow you to comfortably shift from bump mode to sequential mode or vice versa.

More so, using this Hitachi Pneumatic nail gun is very simple through its easy-to-use design. It also features an easy-to-dissemble head design that enhances quicker maintenance. On top of that, it comes with a well-balanced and lightweight design for maneuverability and even reduces fatigue.

Besides, this Nail gun features a tool-less adjustment for countersinking into different materials. It also has an anodized-aluminum magazine that makes replacement or repairs easy. You don’t have to worry about the tool’s performance. The manufacturer gives you a maximum of a 5-year warranty.

The nail gun also features a rubber grip to provide you with comfort while working. This comfort grip makes the tool user-friendly. Lastly, this tool has a two-step nail-loading to enable you to reload the magazine quickly.

Why did we like it?

What will excite you with this tool is its 5-year warranty. It gives you a chance to return the product for a replacement or a refund when it develops some malfunctions. Its actuation mode mechanism also allows you to shift from bump mode to sequential mode quickly.

Read more our dedicated reviews of milwaukee cordless framing nailer. You will be amazed with the fastest speed of its nailing process. Also Check out our guide of best saftey work pants here and american grease gun here. Chears!

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The buying guide to choose the best cordless nail gun

cordless nail gun

You need basic knowledge to avoid making a big mistake by buying a nail gun that you know nothing about. If you are not careful, you may end up with the wrong option. Therefore, below are some of the factors you need to consider to choose cordless nail gun. These factors determine how good or bad is a nail gun. 

Weight and size

The cordless nail gun’s weight and size will determine how easy and comfortable you will use the device. Lightweight models tend to give its user an easy-to-use design. Different things determine the weight of the tool, i.e., materials and the battery.

Those models with heavy batteries probably will increase the tool’s weight. Also, materials responsible for manufacturing a particular device determine its significance. 

Any nail gun with a matter of more than five pounds is heavy. Therefore, it would be wise to buy a cordless nail gun with less than five pounds for maneuverability and comfortability.

You need a model with an ergonomic design to enable you to work for an extended period without feeling fatigued. Its grip should be rubberized to provide you with the comfort that you may need. You may not be able to hold a bulky model for an extended time. Also, nailing in intricate parts will be an issue.

Battery life

The battery of a nail gun is a very vital factor to determine how powerful the tool is. You need to understand that these are cordless tools that only depend on batteries to operate. Therefore, the battery’s power and capacity determine how long-lasting and potent the device will be in a project.

Therefore, I recommend you go for those models with 20 volts or 18 volts for a standard capacity and power. Look for batteries with 6.0Ah or 4.0Ah; they are much better to extend operations. Therefore, make the right choice when buying, and it will offer you maximum productivity. 

The battery should serve you not less than 3 hours in a contentious operation. 


This is another factor that you need to be careful with when buying a nail gun. The magazine is the place that holds a certain number of nails. The most common models have magazines that can accommodate up to 100 pins per load. But, there are still some that can accommodate more than 200 nails. 

There are two types of magazines, i.e., angled and straight magazines that operate differently. Whereby those models with explicit magazines tend to host nails more than angled ones. But all these tools can perfectly have your job done. 

Therefore, you should buy a nail gun based on your preferences. If you want a model that hosts a good number of pins, you should go for those holding not less than 100 nails per load. You can still buy a tool with a magazine capacity of 50 nails to do a project.

Lastly, choose based on the type of tasks you usually handle. If you are a DIYer, 50 nails magazine capacity is just adequate for you. But if you are a professional constructor, you need something that can host not less than 100 nails per load. This will prevent you from reloading your tool frequently; it saves time.


Lighting is another critical feature that you need to consider when buying a cordless nail gun. Sometimes you may need to work in places with low light making you strain. Some of these nail guns feature LED lights with different functions. One of the significant purposes of LEDs is to illuminate the workspace. 

Also, the Lightings may act as an error indicator when the level of nails goes down. Models with this feature will allow you to work any time, any place, and in any weather condition with hassles. You will never struggle to get a clear view of the workspace.

Therefore, if you plan to work in low-light confined rooms, you must get yourself a nail gun with LED lights. You will be able to see the place for nailing even at night.


The last but not least factor to check is the anti-jamming mechanism. Models with this feature will enable you to fix jamming issues with your machine comfortably. With such a nail gun, you will spend much of your time working and not clearing jams.

Therefore, I suggest you buy a device with these features so that you experience fewer jamming issues. Don’t purchase items without this feature for smooth performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible that you still don’t have a choice yet after going through the above reviews and buying guide. Therefore, if you are still holding doubts, let us try to drive them home with these frequently asked questions.

What is the best cordless nail gun?

The porter cable battery powered nail gun is the most popular cordless nail gun in the market. this lightweight nail gun has a rechargeable battery that keeps the charge for a long time. This is the perfect tool for any big project as well.

Is it true that cordless nail guns are not powerful than pneumatic models?

Not necessarily. A good number of these cordless machines are powerful to do the same task a pneumatic can do. But, the only thing depleting their performance is the batteries. 

Therefore, all these machines can still have your job done correctly. To determine if a tool is the best depends on the type of job you are doing. If you do jobs that need some squeezes, you need to buy a nail gun to allow you to do so.

Can I use a cordless nail gun in furniture?

Yes, some of these are versatile, working on different types of jobs. But, it is advisable to use lower-gauge nails in such scenarios. 

Do I have to do some maintenance on my cordless nail gun?

Of course, yes. But on some models. Some will require some oiling while other doesn’t. But the first and best maintenance to give your tool is cleanliness after use. Removing any sawdust and debris prevents the device from clogging. Therefore, clean your nail gun to maintain or improve its performance.


Hammering nails manually is time-consuming, unnecessary, and of course, stressful. That is why the need for the best cordless nail gun chips in. Having the best nail gun prevents you from such struggles and enhances precision and higher accuracy. You will not get these professional outputs with your bare hands. 

Making a life decision is always tricky, especially if you don’t have salient information. There is no need to research because this report provides you with the top 10 best options. It summarizes their features, pros, and cons. 

All the above products are the best. But, if up to this juncture you are still unable to make a choice, then I would have to suggest a product for you. Go with PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless nail gun is the best product with exciting features to do your job comfortably. 

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