What Size Air Filtration System For Shop? Expert Guide

If you own a workshop, you need to understand that challenges may pose health complications to your assistants or yourself. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions on what size air filtration system for the shop to ensure your workers’ safety. 

You may think the air quality and size for the filtration system is 100% safe but can pose problems to people working in your shop.

Therefore, it is wise to consider other people’s health by providing the right-sized air filtration system to your shop. Healthy people are productive, meaning that you can only produce better results when you are sober. Take care!

What size air filtration system for shop?

Products to setup your shop aif filteratoin system:

The air filtration system is a useful equipment for refreshing or cleaning air in your workshop. It can perform cleanliness for about 6 to 8 times within one hour. 

Air should go through the system for not less than six times in one hour. All air should pass through this air filtration system for refreshment.

This system works amazingly, taking the room air by the fan’s aid through its filters and then throws it back. This air will be clean without harmful particles to the entire environment. 

We always measure the air volume entering the air filtration system in CFM, i.e., Cubic Feet within a minute. 

Therefore, you have to match the Cubic Feet within a minute (CFM) of your cleaning system to that of the shop you are operating in. doing so will lead to no or reduced health complications to your workers or yourself. 

To determine the air filtration system’s size for your shop, you need to start by calculating your shop’s volume (L x W x H). Depending on the times you want the system to refresh air, multiply the answer by 8 or 6. Take whatever you will get and divide it by 60.

air filteratoin system
Air filtration system Photo Source: pureairsystems.com

For example, if your shop has a volume of 24000, divide the answer by 60 to get Cubic Feet within a minute. Roughly the answer will be 400 CFM. Therefore, for a shop with such size, you need a filtration system that can produce 400 CFM for refreshing the air in your shop eight times within an hour.

Therefore, the size of an air filtration system is determined by the size of your shop. If the place is vast, you need a filtration system that is also big enough to refresh air not less than eight times per hour. 

And if your area is small, go for a suitable plan that will entirely restore perspective in the room.

However, the installation of the filtration system may affect its performance. Therefore, you need to be careful not to interfere with air intake. Let there be no obstacle for its implementation. 

Besides, you can wash the filters, and if you don’t see any changes, I recommend you replace it for the safety of your health. Doing so will provide your workshop with excellent air circulation. Also you can read more about air purifiers.


The above discussion shows that your room’s volume determines the shop’s air filtration system’s size. Choosing the right size will provide your place with excellent air circulation. 

Also, don’t forget to take care of your device by giving it full maintenance. Wash its filter for fresh air.

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