What Is A Belt Sander Used For? Know The Uses Of Belt Sander

It is tedious to sand physically, yet we have some useful tools to perform the job correctly. Before getting into an in-depth discussion, it is good to answer the “what is a belt sander used for” question. Belt sanders are aggressive and powerful tools suitable for stripping the wood. 

They operate at very high speed for tedious sanding tasks. With these tools, you will use less effort compared to manual sanding. More so, the device is versatile as you can use it for sanding hardwood floors, sharpening tools, among others. Also, sometimes they are handheld, or you may decide to mount the device on a workbench.

What is a belt sander used for?

A belt sander can handle different types of tasks. Its speed will make the project you are operating easier and faster to complete. Since they are ideal for flat surfaces, large, a belt sander can refinish metal or wood cabinets, floors, and tables effectively. 

Here, you only need to be careful with the type of grit sandpaper to use; ensure the grit sandpaper is compatible with your tool.

Remember, you can determine the nature of the grit by the number of sandpaper. Therefore, if you remove the stain, coatings of paint, or polyurethane, you need a bulky determination. 

If you perform activities like cabinetry, shelf, or any other unfinished job, I would advise you to get a fine or a medium grit between 200 and 100. 

Many professionals use belt sanders to work on substantial sanding projects, but the tools are also useful for handling small tasks. 

For example, if your interior door fails to close or open properly, unscrew the door and slightly shave off its bottom or sides.  The door might be loose or expand due to daily wear and tear; sanding off a small layer may solve it.

best sander for furniture

A belt sander can provide you with an acceptable result depending on the sanding joy you are handling. Sanding with a grain can lead to much better surfaces, as long as you place the sander correctly. 

When using the tool, you should be careful because it is powerful; it can easily slip off your hands. 

The rate at which the tool can help you is the same as the speed at which it can ruin your sanding job. Therefore, there are some tasks that you should not sand with these tools, i.e., delicate or refined jobs.  I can recommend you use a random orbital sander for such cases.

When using the machine, don’t exert a lot of pressure on the equipment. The weight of the tool is enough for sanding tasks. Also, try to maintain direction or speed; if necessary, then do it slowly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my belt sander to sand wood?

Yes, a belt sander excels in handling various sanding projects, and woodworking is among them. Using this tool will leave you with a fair and smooth surface.

What is the best sander for furniture?

All these sanders are suitable for furniture, but the best one is a stationary sander. Professionals attest that the tools are easy to use.


A belt sander is a must-have and essential tool that you should not miss in your backyard. The device is incredible and versatile to work on different types of sanding jobs. A belt sander can make impossible sanding tasks possible as long as you know how to operate it. 

Using a sanding tool is simple and easy to handle massive projects rather than doing it physically. Therefore, this tool doesn’t disappoint.

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